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Software Engineer - Professional services

Tarantool is an open-source DBMS and application server developed at Mail.Ru Group. The project is built and maintained (testing, documentation, benchmarks, builds) by the Tarantool team alone. Sometimes we contribute to other related open-source projects (LuaJIT, libev). Tarantool developers give talks at top IT conferences (both in Russia and abroad), regularly publish specialized articles, hold workshops and even author a technology podcast (devopsdeflope.ru).

Apart from our involvement in the open-source community, we’ve started selling Tarantool-based solutions to other companies. We’re looking for a skilled developer who’ll work on key objectives in this field.


  • work with Tarantool’s strategic partners;
  • create technical and design specifications;
  • develop Tarantool-based end-user solutions from scratch;
  • cover developed solutions with tests (full test automation);
  • integrate developed solutions into our clients’ projects;
  • walk each client through all stages of operational acceptance testing;
  • deploy project to production;
  • work with the open-source community (project’s full source code is available on github.com).


  • good knowledge of any modern scripting language (Python, Go, Node.js, Lua and so on);
  • interest in and eagerness to develop high-load projects;
  • 3+ years of experience of commercial software development;
  • experience designing and developing a REST API;
  • ability to see projects through to the end.

Will be a plus:

  • experience using NoSQL databases in production;
  • experience working with message queues in production;
  • Lua/Tarantool developing experience;
  • participation in any open source project;
  • advanced English;
  • basic knowledge of JavaScript and experience with any of these technologies: jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, React;
  • any experience with C/C++ (most team members are C/C++ developers).

What we offer:

  • comfortable work environment: large open-space office, sound-absorbing panels, tens of conference rooms, extra monitors, powerful hardware and MacBooks, if needed;
  • tasty food: the office has a restaurant offering breakfasts and lunches, and two kitchenettes on each floor, where you can always find some fruit, berries, tea, coffee, Coca-Cola and, sure enough, cookies;
  • leisure with pleasure: spacious lounge zone, massage chairs, fresh juice bar, swings, cosy corners with comforters and pillows for rest, video game consoles, cinema;
  • comprehensive healthcare coverage: great voluntary medical insurance from day one that includes dental care and even massage;
  • keeping fit: the office has free gym (with all necessary equipment and, of course, shower rooms), tennis tables and even a soccer field;
  • great location: the office is situated within a five-minute’s walk from the Airport metro station. Those who get to work by car can use our 5-story underground parking. And yes, we do have free spots there;
  • professional development: our office often hosts seminars, training sessions and various developer events: Moscow.pm, CocoaHeads Moscow, UX Wednesday and the like. It goes without saying that we send our employees to external professional events as well.

We’ll be happy to review your application and, given mutual interest, make you a very tempting offer.

QA Engineer


  • Set up and maintain Tarantool performance / stability testing infrastructure in Gitlab-CI and Travis CI + hardware components.
  • Support local machine park for development and testing.
  • Speed up current testing framework written in Python.
  • Set up benchmarking and competitive testing with potential concerns.


  • SQL/NoSQL knowledge and understanding of basic concepts of how databases work.
  • Experience with functional and performance testing in complex environments.
  • Be able to work with very wide-formulated tasks [examples below] in different environments and dig deeper, usually known as "problem-solving" skill.
  • Understanding of CI/CD processes powered by Gitlab/Travis or Jenkins.
  • 3+ years of programming experience in Python or C.
  • Experience with monitoring tools and tools for performance analysis.
  • Understanding of the Docker.


  • Ability to read and patch C/Lua code in case of compilation problems in different environments.
  • Understanding of the compilation process and how binaries/libraries work.
  • Experience with Grafana or any other monitoring system.
  • Experience with setting up Gitlab Pipeline.
  • Experience with Ansible/Chef/Puppet.

Examples of tasks:

  • Stabilize performance testing results on Xeon server running under Centos.
    In this case, you have to be able to dig deeper and understand how the CPU and memory management works on this system.
  • Speed up tests.
    In this case, you have to understand the root causes of slow tests (which may be system/CI constraints, or even bad code).

In all cases you have to suggest a solution or explain why it can't be done.

Senior Technical Evangelist

If you have:

  • strong software engineering skills
  • good understanding of TCP/IP networking and Linux
  • ability to make a benchmark of databases from ground up (from setting systems up, through writing all the code, to publishing an article and speaking on a conference)
  • fluency in English (ability to speak with people, understand them, speak at conferences, speak with customers f2f, write and publish articles)
  • some usage experience with Tarantool (either in production or in testing environment) and clearly understand why it is better than the others

And if you’re up to:

  • be an evangelist for Tarantool
  • be writing technical articles about Tarantool
  • make frequent business trips all over the world (at this point we’re talking primarily about the USA)
  • be applying for and speaking on technical conferences
  • be evangelizing the product at conference expo zones, talking with people, helping them understand how they can benefit with Tarantool
  • be making various benchmarks of Tarantool with respect to other databases
  • be attracting people’s attention to Tarantool by creating & publishing materials on Facebook and other media
  • be making all possible and impossible efforts to get Tarantool more visible by the technical community

Probably, you want to know more about us:

  • we’re Mail.Ru Group, the 6th biggest Internet business globally
  • more specifically, we’re a team of Tarantool which is the database management system that we’re developing
  • this database is a corner stone of Mail.Ru Group as it is used in many of our services like email, cloud, games, advertising and many more
  • the main thing about Tarantool is that it is, firstly, one of those rare databases that have an application server on board, and secondly, faster, much faster, than any other open sourced database system (we have plenty of benchmarks on that and you’ll be getting us much more)
  • Tarantool is widely used outside of Mail.Ru Group, e.g. by Badoo, Avito, Qiwi, VimpelCom (Beeline) and many others
  • our current mission on Tarantool is to make it the most popular database system in the world

Now, what we offer:

  • work in Moscow in a highly technological 27-story skyscraper near Airport metro station
  • free coffee, tea, cookies, fresh juice, gym, health insurance, underground parking garage and many more perks
  • more than competitive salary
  • business trips to the USA

Senior Software Engineer - Database Kernel

We are looking for a talented system software engineer to develop the database core. As a new member of our team, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and testing new database features that will help expand Tarantool's user base. We offer a unique opportunity to participate in a fully open-source project which was created from scratch by our team and which is now used both inside and outside Mail.Ru Group.

Tarantool is a fast, scalable, open-source database engine. Initially designed as a simple yet efficient in-memory key-value storage, over time it has developed a powerful feature set that includes Lua application server, master-master replication, SQL support, disk storage.

About you

  • You are fluent in C and C++, with 5+ years of hands-off experience.
  • You are good at solving complex technical problems and take pride in writing efficient yet elegant code.
  • You have Unix system programming skills.
  • You are familiar with classic algorithms and data structures..
  • You understand the basic principles of software-hardware interaction.
  • You have Unix system programming skills.
  • You have experience with creating a “soft” real-time system.
  • You have experience with any number of related system software projects (e.g. distributed systems, operating systems, Linux kernel, database internals, hypervisors, containers, compiler optimization, virtual environments). Contributions to open-source projects are an advantage.
  • You can fluently read and write English. Good spoken English is an advantage.

About the job

This is a full-time position at Mail.Ru’s Moscow headquarters, a large modern building near the “Airport” subway station. Duties include:

  • programming for a Tarantool-cluster-based public cloud
  • developing the most performance-critical Tarantool components: networking subsystem, storage engine, JIT, SQL interpreter
  • ensuring trouble-free and fast operation to the satisfaction of customers and management
  • communicating with other developers, technical writers, and customers with technical questions
  • testing
  • packaging

Once you become thoroughly familiar with Tarantool, opportunities may exist for architectural work, consulting, and international travel.

Solution Sales Executive (FSI)

Tarantool is a new generation database for real-time data management. It delivers the power of real-time in-memory technology for business transformations.

Role description:

  • Provide full sales cycle management of Tarantool specific solutions.
  • Responsible for Tarantool licenses and managed services revenue.
  • Focus on large enterprises in the Financial industry.
  • Engage with customers to position Tarantool as a platform for real-time business:
    • Initiate discussion, position offering, prepare and sell value proposition, close deal.
    • Ensure new deals and revenue programs can be commercialized and are executable in the target market.
    • Focus on driving profitable revenue results, executing on revenue generating deals.
    • Scope, manage and lead proof-of-concept deployments.

Stakeholders are: CIO, CTO, Architects and Line of Businesse Heads

Skills and competencies:

  • University degree in Business Administration, Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Confidence to deal with the Executive level.
  • Sales of FSI Line of Business applications (ABS, scoring, real-time marketing, FO/BO applications) experience.
  • Good understanding of architecture and technology market drivers.
  • Drive to continuous learning.

Work experience:

  • 3+ years' sales experience in direct sales (quota carrying), FSI.
  • Experience with complex deals.
  • Value selling and solution selling experience.


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