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Tarantool works with any of your existing data sources - Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis and others.

Now, you can add the blazing speed of a smart cache, reliable ACID transactions, and a modern in-memory data grid and disk engine.

Microservices are quick to launch just by adding your existing data in Tarantool! With the built in REST API, you can call your data with high speed from any service or application.

Increase performance. Save costs. Modernize and scale.

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Tarantool is a revolutionary in-memory and disk database, cache, and application server. Features include powerful stored procedures, SQL support, smart cache, and speed of 1 million ACID transactions on a single CPU core!

Your data is available and flexible. Call with HTTP or RESTful API, SQL, and ODBC. Rapidly create microservices or integrate any environment for agile transformation.

To start, deploy on one or many servers, in your data center or cloud. Then use popular languages including C, C++, Perl, Lua, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Java, and Python.



Tarantool was first released in 2008 in Mail.ru Group. It is a publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (MAIL:LSE) and is the 5th largest internet company in the world with over 150 million active users a month. Services span email, cloud, social networks, instant messengers, and games developed by a team of over 2,000 engineers spanning more than 10 global locations.

My.com is also part of the Tarantool family in North America and Europe. Services include the mapping service MAPS.ME, the myGames gaming division, and myMail, which is the 3rd most popular mobile email app in the USA.

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