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Tarantool - Documentation

Tarantool - Documentation

Tarantool 1.6 manual

This manual embraces all aspects of using Tarantool: from introductory information and exercises for beginners – to advanced instructions and detailed references for power users and contributors.

Before you take a deep dive:

If you are new to Tarantool, start from scratch by learning the fundamentals.

If you are a power user, skip the basics.

lego Level 1 – fundamentals

To understand what Tarantool is all about, check out the overview.

To start using Tarantool as a database manager, familiarize yourself with the database concepts.

To start using Tarantool as an application server, create and run a real application following our step-by-step instructions.

Connect to Tarantool with your language of choice.

Finally, learn to administer Tarantool instances in a powerful fashion!

cogs Level 2 – beyond the basics

To utilize Tarantool to the fullest:

atom Level 3 – contribute!

Tarantool has a growing open source community. Join our friendly developer’s chat in Telegram.

Become a Tarantool developer:

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