Changelog | Enterprise


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Versioning policy

Tarantool Enterprise SDK version consists of two parts:


For example: 2.6.1-0-gcfe0d1a55-r362.

  • TARANTOOL_BASE_VERSION is the Community version which Enterprise version is based on.
  • REVISION is the SDK revision. Besides Tarantool itself, it includes examples, templates, and a set of rocks.


Breaking changes

  • Default audit log format was changed to CSV.

Functionality added or changed


  • Implemented user-defined audit events. Now it’s possible to log custom messages to the audit log from Lua (gh-65).
  • [Breaking change] Switched the default audit log format to CSV. The format can be switched back to JSON using the new box.cfg.audit_format configuration option (gh-66).
  • Implemented the audit log filter. Now, it’s possible to enable logging only for a subset of all audit events using the new box.cfg.audit_filter configuration option (gh-67).


  • Implement constraints and foreign keys. Now a user can create function constraints and foreign key relations (gh-6436).
  • Changed log level of some information messages from critical to info (gh-4675).
  • Added predefined system events: box.status,, box.election and box.schema (gh-6260).
  • Introduced transaction isolation levels in Lua and IPROTO (gh-6930).


  • Disabled the deferred DELETE optimization in Vinyl to avoid possible performance degradation of secondary index reads. Now, to enable the optimization, one has to set the defer_deletes flag in space options (gh-4501).


  • Added support of console autocompletion for objects stream and future (gh-6305).


  • Parse method to allow converting string literals in extended iso-8601
    or rfc3339 formats (gh-6731).
  • The range of supported years has been extended in all parsers to cover
    fully -5879610-06-22..5879611-07-11 (gh-6731).


  • Added bundling of GNU libunwind to support backtrace feature on AARCH64 architecture and distributives that don’t provide libunwind package.
  • Re-enabled backtrace feature for all RHEL distributions by default, except for AARCH64 architecture and ancient GCC versions, which lack compiler features required for backtrace (gh-4611).

Bugs fixed


  • Disabled audit log unless explicitly configured (gh-39). Before this change, audit events were written to stderr if box.cfg.audit_log wasn’t set. Now, audit log is disabled in this case.
  • Disabled audit logging of replicated events (gh-59). Now, replicated events (for example, user creation) are logged only on the origin, never on a replica.


  • Banned DDL operations in space on_replace triggers, since they could lead to a crash (gh-6920).
  • Fixed a bug due to which all fibers created with fiber_attr_setstacksize() leaked until the thread exit. Their stacks also leaked except when fiber_set_joinable(..., true) was used.
  • Fixed a crash in mvcc connected with secondary index conflict (gh-6452).
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in wrong space count (gh-6421).
  • Select in RO transaction now reads confirmed data, like a standalone (auotcommit) select does (gh-6452).


  • Fixed potential obsolete data write in synchronious replication due to race in accessing terms while disk write operation is in progress and not yet completed.
  • Fixed replicas failing to bootstrap when master is just re-started (gh-6966).


  • Fixed the behavior of tarantool console on SIGINT. Now Ctrl+C discards the current input and prints the new prompt (gh-2717).


  • Fixed assertion or segfault when MP_EXT received via (gh-6766).
  • Now ROUND() properly support INTEGER and DECIMAL as the first argument (gh-6988).


  • Intervals received after datetime arithmetic operations may be improperly normalized if result was negative

    tarantool> -
    - -1.000026000 seconds

    I.e. 2 immediately called produce very close values, whose difference should be close to 0, not 1 second (gh-6882).

  • Changed the type of the error returned by on timeout from ClientError to TimedOut (gh-6144).


  • Fixed some binary protocol encryption bugs.


  • Added space-explorer v1.1.4 rock with removed permanency flag and reduced bundle size.


Updated base versions:

  • 1.10.11-0-gf0b0e7ecf
  • 2.7.3-0-gdddf926c3
  • 2.8.2-0-gfc96d10f5

Fixed audit log.


Fixed compatibility with Tarantool 2.9:

  • Added errors 2.2.1.
  • Added cartridge 2.7.1 instead of 2.7.0.



  • No noticeable changes



  • Updated Cartridge CLI to v2.10.0. (Changelog)


Updated base versions:

  • 1.10.10-52-g0df29b137
  • 2.7.2-110-g51248c7d2
  • 2.8.1-119-g1b0050564

The most notable change is the fix for gh-4040.


  • Added migrations 0.4.1.


  • Added ldap 1.0.2 instead of 1.0.1 with a bugfix.





  • Added crud 0.7.1 instead of broken 0.7.0. (Changelog)


  • Added crud 0.7.0. (Changelog)
  • Added tuple-keydef 0.0.2. (Changelog)
  • Added watchdog 1.1.1 instead of 1.0.1. (Changelog)
  • Added ldap 1.0.1 instead of 1.0.0 with several bugfixes.
  • Added space-explorer 1.1.3 with fixed roles reload compatibility.





  • Updated Cartridge CLI to v2.9.1. (Changelog)



Added tools for collecting crash artifacts:

  • tools/
  • tools/

Also moved luajit gdb extension:

  • tools/



Updated base versions:

  • 1.10.10-0-gaea7ae77a
  • 2.6.3-0-gcd487a2c5
  • 2.7.2-0-g4d8c06890
  • 2.8.1-0-ge2a1ec0c2




  • No noticeable changes



  • Updated Cartridge CLI to v2.8.0. (Changelog)



  • Added cartridge v2.5.1 rock. (Changelog)
  • Added cartridge-cli-extensions v1.1.1 rock. (Changelog)
  • Added errors v2.1.5 rock. (Changelog)
  • Updated Cartridge CLI to v2.7.2. (Changelog)


  • Updated 2.6 version to 2.6.2-124-g2c3b91439.
  • Added metrics v0.7.1. (Changelog)
  • Added watchdog 1.1.0 with a new option to enable core dumps.
  • Bundle luajit gdb extension.


  • Fixed OpenSSL certificates lookup.
  • Fixed smtp module compatibility (tarantool 2.6, 2.7 only).


  • Updated Cartridge CLI to v2.7.1. (Changelog)


  • Added odbc v1.0.0 rock.


  • Updated Cartridge CLI to v2.7.0. (Changelog)



  • Added cartridge v2.5.0 rock.
  • Added frontend-core v7.5.0 rock (a cartridge dependency).
  • Updated luarapidxml rock: added v2.0.2, removed v2.0.1.


  • Added luagraphqlparser v0.1.0 rock.
  • Added graphql v0.1.0 rock.


  • Updated Cartridge CLI to v2.6.0. (Changelog)


  • Add space-explorer v1.1.2 rock with fixed styles.


  • Add metrics v0.7.0 rock.


  • Add migrations v0.4.0 rock.


  • Update base versions:
    • 1.10.9-0-g720ffdd23
    • 2.5.3-0-gf93e48013
    • 2.6.2-0-g34d504d7d
    • 2.7.1-0-g3ac498c9f


  • Add frontend-core v7.4.0 rock (a Cartridge dependency).
  • Add metrics v0.6.1 rock. (Changelog).
  • Add kafka v1.3.1 rock. (Changelog).




  • Update luarapidxml rock: added v2.0.1, removed v2.0.0


  • Update migrations rock: added v0.3.1


  • Update kafka rock: added v1.3.0, removed v1.2.0 and earlier, critical fix.


  • Update oracle rock: added v1.3.2, removed v1.3.0, critical fix.


  • Update base versions:
    • 1.10.8-0-g2f18757b7
    • 2.4.3-0-g5180d98f1
    • 2.5.2-0-g05730d326
    • 2.6.1-0-gcfe0d1a55

1.10.6-16, 2.2.2-56, 2.3.1-143 and 2.4.2-8


  • Tarantool 1.10 version updated to 1.10.6-16-g4764acd68
  • Tarantool 2.2 version updated to 2.2.2-56-g62efd9cf6
  • Tarantool 2.3 version (2.3.1-143-g8124538b8) added
  • Tarantool 2.4 version (2.4.2-8-ge56224b) added
  • Update cartridge-cli to v2.4.0
  • All cartridge-cli rocks are removed
  • Update vshard-zookeeper rock


  • Add kafka rock v1.2.0
  • Add task rock v0.8.3
  • Add kafka rock v1.1.0
  • Add vshard rock v0.1.15
  • Add odbc rock v0.5.0, v0.6.4, v0.7.2, v0.7.3
  • Add cartridge rock v2.1.2
  • Add cartridge rock v2.2.1
  • Add cartridge rock v2.3.0
  • Add icu-date rock v1.3.3
  • Add ddl rock v1.1.0
  • Add errors rock v2.1.3
  • Add errors rock v2.1.4
  • Add frontend-core rock v6.5.1
  • Add frontend-core rock v7.1.0
  • Add luatest rock v0.5.2
  • Add metrics rock v0.3.0
  • Add metrics rock v0.4.0
  • Add metrics rock v0.5.0
  • Add http rock v2.1.0
  • Add luacheck rock v0.26.0
  • Add luacov-reporters rock v0.1.0 – collection of LuaCov reporters.
  • Add migrations rock v0.3.0
  • Add checks rock v3.1.0
  • Add crud rock v0.3.0
  • Add cartridge-cli-extensions rock v1.0.0


  • Remove quickfix rock v1.0.0

1.10.5-12 / 2.1.3-1 / 2.2.2-3

Release date: 2020-02-07

Since this release, we also deliver Enterprise bundles based on Tarantool Community version 2.2. It supports decimals, multikey indexes, functional indexes, key_def module, partial core dumps, tuple format over netbox, parallel applier, etc.


  • The underlying Tarantool Community version upgraded to:
    • 1.10.5-15-gcfd9d54ae
    • 2.1.3-16-g7dd5910
    • 2.2.2-29-g5c8a435df
  • cartridge-cli module v1.4.0 with local cluster start, colored logs, packer for docker images and dev packages, updated templates, and many smaller improvements.


  • cartridge-cli module v1.3.2.
  • cartridge module v2.0.1 with dramatic improvements in failover, cluster-wide DDL and configuration editor, and many smaller improvements.
  • task module v0.7.1 with sharded mode support and the ability to define task arguments, default configuration, recurrence strategy and anonymous tasks.
  • luatest module v0.5.0 with automatic coverage builds, colored logs, and many smaller improvements.
  • luatest module v0.4.0.
  • ddl module v1.0.0, a cluster-wide DDL schema used in cartridge v2.0.0.
  • luacov module v0.13.0, a code coverage analyzer for Lua.
  • odbc module v0.4.1.
  • avro-schema module v3.0.4.
  • vshard module v0.1.14.
  • tracing module v0.1.1.
  • oracle module v1.3.0.
  • watchdog module v1.0.2.
  • metrics module v0.1.7 and v0.1.8.
  • queue module v1.0.5.
  • membership module v2.2.0.

1.10.4-1 / 2.1.2-109

Release date: 2019-10-23

Major news:

  • The framework for developing cluster applications (Tarantool Cartridge) has gone open source as two modules: cartridge (successor of cluster rock) and cartridge-cli (successor of tarantoolapp utility).
  • We added another open source module named luacheck – a static analyzer and linter for Lua, preconfigured for Tarantool.
  • We added documentation for all closed source modules.
  • Meet the redesigned administrative web interface!


  • The underlying Tarantool Community version upgraded to:
    • 1.10.4-21-g9349237
    • 2.1.2-206-g2499a73
  • vshard-zookeeper module updated.


  • quickfix module v1.0.0.
  • luarapidxml module v2.0.0.
  • cartridge module v1.0.0, successor of cluster module.
  • cartridge-cli module v1.0.0-1, successor of tarantoolapp utility.
  • task module v0.4.0.
  • membership module v2.1.2 with improved stability on large clusters.
  • membership module v2.1.4.
  • odbc module v0.3.0.
  • cluster module v0.10.0.
  • task module v0.3.0.
  • odbc module v0.4.0.
  • kafka module v1.0.2.
  • frontend-core module v6.0.1.
  • space-explorer module v1.1.0.
  • oracle module v1.2.2.
  • http module v1.1.0.
  • avro-schema module v3.0.3.
  • vshard module v0.1.12.
  • icu-date module v1.3.1.
  • luatest module v0.2.2.
  • metrics module v0.1.6.
  • queue module v1.0.4.


  • tarantoolapp utility.

1.10.3-71 / 2.1.2-63

Release date: 2019-07-12


  • The underlying Tarantool Community version upgraded to:
    • 1.10.3-89-g412e943
    • 2.1.2-127-gcb2f5e4


  • Unit / integration test templates for a Tarantool cluster; available via tarantoolctl rocks test.
  • .tarantoolapp.ignore files to exclude specific resources from build.
  • kafka module v1.0.1 (Apache Kafka connector for Tarantool).
  • tracing module v0.1.0 (for debugging performance issues in applications; based on OpenTracing/Zipkin).
  • task module v0.2.0 (for managing background tasks in cluster applications).
  • odbc module v0.1.0 (outgoing ODBC connector for Tarantool).
  • luatest module v0.2.0 (testing framework for Tarantool).
  • checks module v3.0.1.
  • errors module v2.1.1.
  • frontend-core module v5.0.2.
  • metrics module v0.1.5.
  • oracle module v1.1.6.
  • cluster module v0.9.2 with new features:
    • Users, a new tab in the web interface for managing cluster admin users.
    • Multiple isolated groups for storage replica sets in a single cluster, e.g. hot or cold groups to process hot and cold data independently.
    • Integration tests helpers for luatest.


  • cluster module v0.2.0, v0.3.0.
  • oracle module v1.0.0, v1.1.0.
  • vshard module v0.1.5, v0.1.6.

1.10.3-29 / 2.1.2-21

Release date: 2019-05-28

Since this release, we also deliver Enterprise bundles based on Tarantool Community version 2.1.


  • The underlying Tarantool Community version upgraded to:
    • 2.1.2-85-g6b01fa0
    • 1.10.3-57-gd2efb0d


  • tarantoolapp pack now puts VERSION file inside of packed project.
  • Ability to set up logging level per route.
  • http module v0.1.6 with a new feature: setting up logging level per route.
  • space-explorer module v1.0.2.
  • cron-parser module v1.0.0.
  • argon2 module v3.0.1 with PCI DSS grade hashing algorithms.
  • metrics module v0.1.3.
  • vshard module v0.1.9
  • oracle module v1.1.5.
  • frontend-core module v5.0.0, v5.0.1
  • cluster module v0.8.0 with some bug fixes and new features:
    • role dependencies;
    • cluster cookies;
    • labels for servers.


Release date: 2019-04-05

  • The underlying Tarantool Community version upgraded to 1.10.3-6-gfbf53b9.
  • The following features added:
    • Failover priority configuration via the web interface.
    • RPC module (remote calls between cluster instances).
    • Space explorer via the web interface.
    • OpenLDAP client for Tarantool.
  • Instance restart now triggers configuration validation before the roles initialization.
  • The web interface design has been updated.


Release date: 2019-02-08

  • The underlying Tarantool Community version has been upgraded to 1.10.2-131-g6f96bfe.
  • The cluster template has been updated to allow the application to operate across several hosts (virtual machines).
  • The following closed-source modules of latest versions have been added: queue, front, errors, membership, cluster, and oracle. These rocks include:
    • a new front-end core with cosmetic changes;
    • active master indication during failover;
    • the ability to disable the vshard-storage role after the end of the rebalancing process;
    • dependencies updates and minor improvements.


Release date: 2018-12-13

  • The underlying Tarantool Community version has been upgraded to 1.10.2-84-g19d471bd4.
  • The checks module has been updated in the bundle.
  • The custom (user-defined) cluster roles API has been added to the cluster module.
  • The vshard replica set’s weight parameter is now supported.


Release date: 2018-10-31

  • Sample applications demonstrating how to run Tarantool in Docker and a write-through cache to PostgreSQL have been added.
  • The abilities to manually switch the replica set’s master and enable automatic failover have been added to Web interface.
  • The tarantoolapp utility that helps set up a development environment and pack the application in an environment-independent way has been added.


Release date: 2018-10-04

  • The sample application is now cluster-based and the cluster is orchestrated via a Web interface.
  • Tarantool Enterprise release comes in an archive that includes an offline rocks repository from which you can install all necessary modules.
  • Oracle connector is now included in the rocks repository. With this package, Lua applications can access Oracle databases.


Release date: 2018-04-09

  • The Tarantool build is now static: all dependencies are linked into a static binary. This simplifies deploy of Tarantool in the Linux environment.
  • The underlying Tarantool Community version has been upgraded to 1.10.1. For all new features and bugfixes of the Community version please refer to
  • The modules required for integration with ZooKeeper and orchestrator are now deprecated and no longer supported.