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Check out the new release 2.8


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • switchover on a runner node may fail if runner fiber was dead


  • task running on several workers if ttr exceeded due to long execution
  • older tasks are not displayed in the UI


  • completed tasks not being compacted if there’s an old pending task


  • ability to launch massive amounts of tasks via task.start()
  • task storage statistics for monitoring purposes
  • broken storage upgrade from task v0.4.0


  • Performance improvements.


  • Fixed performance degradation on put operation when task storages are ‘full’.


  • Removed second app title in UI.
  • Added arguments column in task log table.


  • Added ability to launch anonymous tasks a. k. a. jobs
  • Added ability to specify retry strategies for tasks
  • Added ability to specify defaults for runner/storage options via task.init


  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Ability to specify task args in config
  • several bugfixes


  • task storages can now be set up on vshard storages
  • default task configuration can be set up in task.init()


  • task now depends on cartridge instead of cluster
  • cartridge dependency bumped to 1.0.0


Added: - Cluster-aware task storage role - Cluster-aware task runner role

Changed: - Module initialization API changed: now task scheduler role does not start runner and storage by default; you must handle it via role dependencies or via respective cluster roles


Added: - Basic functionality - scheduler, local task storage, local task runner, cluster role, cluster UI