Changelog | Tarantool



  • Add after_test and before_test hooks.

  • Add _le, _lt, _ge, _gt assertions.
  • Write execution time for each test in the verbose mode.
  • When capture is disabled and verbose mode is on test names are printed twice: at the start and at the end with result.
  • assert_error_msg_ assertions print return values if no error is generated.
  • Fix –repeat runner option.

  • Throw parser error when .json is accessed on response with invalid body.
  • Set Content-Type: application/json for :http_request(…, {json = …}) requests.

  • Assertions pretty-prints non-string extra messages (useful for custom errors as tables).
  • String values in errors are printed as valid Lua strings (with %q formatter).
  • Add TARANTOOL_DIR to rockspec build.variables
  • Replace –error and –failure options with –fail-fast.
  • Fix stripping luatest trace from backtrace.
  • Fix luarocks 3 test engine installation.

  • assert_is treats box.NULL and nil as different values.
  • Add luacov integration.
  • Fix assert_items_equals for repeated values. Add support for tuple items.
  • Add assert_items_include matcher.
  • assert_equals uses same comparison rules for nested values.
  • Fix generated group names when running files within specific directory.

  • Fix not working –exclude, –pattern options
  • Fix error messages for *_covers matchers
  • Raise error when group() is called with existing group name.
  • Allow dot in group name.
  • Prevent using / in group name.
  • Decide group name from filename for group() call without args.
  • assert returns input values.
  • assert[_not]_equals works for Tarantool’s box.tuple.
  • Print tables in lua-compatible way in errors.
  • Fix performance issue with large errors messages.
  • Unify hooks definition: group hooks are defined via function calls.
  • Keep running other groups when group hook failed.
  • Prefix and colorize captured output.
  • Fix numeric assertions for cdata values.

  • Make –shuffle option accept group, all, none values
  • Replace raw option for Server:http_request with raise.
  • Remove not documented methods inherited from luaunit.
  • Colorize report.

  • Fix issue with crashes in capture.
  • Do not raise error for 2xx responses in Server:http_request

  • Don’t run suite hooks when suite is not going to be run.
  • Gracefully shutdown even when luanit calls os.exit.
  • Show failed tests summary.
  • Capture works with large outputs.

  • GC’ed processes are killed automatically.
  • Print captured output when suite/group hook fails.
  • Rename Server:console to Server:net_box.
  • Use real time instead of CPU time for duration.
  • LDoc comments.
  • Make assertions box.NULL aware.
  • Luarocks 3 tests engine.
  • assert_covers matcher.

  • Fix exit code on failure.

  • Initial implementation.