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Appendixes Appendix B. Useful Tarantool parameters

Appendix B. Useful Tarantool parameters

  • box.stat
  • box.slab.stats

For details, please see reference on module `box` in the main Tarantool documentation.

Tuple compression performance

Learn about tuple compression to save memory.

Below are the results of a synthetic test that illustrate how tuple compression impacts performance. The test was carried out on a simple Tarantool space containing 1,000,000 tuples, each having a field with a sample JSON roughly 1,000 bytes large. The test compared the speed of running select and replace operations on uncompressed and compressed data as well as the overall data size of the space. Performance is measured in requests per second.

Compression type select, RPS replace, RPS Space size, bytes
None 1609.04k 703.861k 997,394,386
zstd 104.654k 15.0687k 596,784,864
lz4 625.452k 260.766k 866,504,560
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