«МегаФон» запустил систему контроля оборудования и качества связи, основанную на Tarantool

21 сентября 2016 г.

Mountain View, CA (Newswire.com) -- ​MegаFon launched a system that leverages the Tarantool database management system, in order to increase productivity for streaming data processing along with automated statistical data collection from a million base station sectors. Data collection for further storage and processing is performed in near real-time.

Several thousand metrics are collected from each sector of the base station: connectivity quality, number of connection faults, Internet connection speed, as well as other parameters that determine the technical integrity of the station. Tarantool was selected for the MegaFon project because this DBMS is capable of processing large amount of data both in memory and via magnetic disk-based storage systems. Other industrial-class DBMSs only support SSDs for this load level, and SSDs are approximately 8–10 times more expensive than magnetic disks.

The system will be used for analysis as well as automating network monitoring. Various scenarios have been worked out in order to increase connection quality and cut costs associated with operation of the telecom operator’s ground infrastructure. These scenarios include automated creation of applications for equipment configuration modification in case of insufficient capacity or deterioration of connection quality in specific locations, as well as predicting the best time for scheduling maintenance of the base station.

Dennis Anikin, General Manager of Tarantool said that “Implementation of Tarantool in MegaFon was a long and meticulous process involving a large number of professionals on both sides. We’re happy that MegaFon saw the true value of our product. We’re now further strengthening our positions in conventional industries: telecommunications, banking, retail, as well as various industrial segments. The evolution of Tarantool allowed for the extensive spread of our solution, from data centers to Industrial IoT.” ​

“We always strive to provide the best connection quality for our customers, and that is why it is so important to have the tools for real time operations monitoring across our network. Tarantool’s performance enables us to speed up the input data stream processing as well as to create a real time decision making system — e. g. collecting statistical data from the ground facilities where millions of devices must be covered,” says Vladimir Savkin, MegaFon CIO. ​

About Tarantool

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