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How Can You Use Enterprise?

  • In-Memory and Disk NewSQL Engine
  • Reliable ACID Transactions with the Speed of a Cache
  • Scale and Accelerate Applications, RESTful APIs, and Microservices
  • Optimal Performance on Commodity Hardware
  • Reduce License, Hardware, and Support Costs

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Challenges Solved

Existing schemas, versions, legacy solutions, and a variety of sources are a headache! How can we deal with "data spaghetti?"

Strategic Goals

  • Reduce workload on existing data sources.
  • Improve performance and scale without changing current systems.
  • Utilize powerful in-memory technology with reliable ACID transactions
  • Launch microservices and REST APIs with your data.

How can you transform your business?

Unlock Value

Market Agility

  • + Escape vendor lock for software and hardware.
  • + Scale applications rapidly, with less complexity.
  • + Respond faster to internal and external data requests.

Cost Reduction

  • + License and hardware cost reduction.
  • + Lower support and maintenance costs.
  • + Reduced cost for systems integration.


  • + A publicly-traded provider of mobile services wanted to reduce the query latency of their Oracle applications.
  • + Allowed the development of new analytics applications.
  • + Impacted financial performance saving millions of dollars in license, hardware, integration, and support costs.

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In-memory storage engine
Vinyl disk storage engine
Secondary keys
ACID transactions
Replication & hot backup
Lua application server
Built-in security
Built-in access control
Open source database connectivity: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached
Enterprise database connectivity: *Hadoop, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Progress OpenEdge
External authentication and access control
Automatic sharding
Cluster control GUI
Schema versioning
Data life cycle management
Quota based load control
Security audit log
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* Hadoop Enterprise integration is additional annual option.

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