Tarantool Launches Free Learning Programs

24 октября 2017 г.

Mountain View, CA (Newswire.com) -- ​In response to a survey of DBAs and Enterprise Architects, Tarantool is launching a new program to allow rapid self-learning.

The program is self-driven and in just a few steps, introduces concepts necessary for rapid and successful deployment of in-memory data grid for APIs, microservices, and to scale applications. This includes in-memory NoSQL for Smart Caching, RESTful APIs and Microservices, MySQL Integration, and more.

Tarantool’s General Manager, Dennis Anikin, stated that “The feedback from our users was clear- they wanted us to help to solve common problems quickly. This included: 1. Breaking down monolithic apps into scalable RESTful APIs and microservices, 2. Smarter and faster caching, and 3. Speeding up databases like Oracle and MySQL. Our education program to address these goals is beginning with our release of quick tutorial guides. Over the coming months this will include videos as well. This way, people can learn how they want, when they want.”

“The goal of this effort is so our community can have a streamlined adoption experience and get the maximum impact out of the technology,” added Tyler Norkus, Director for Tarantool.

The learning program covers the Community Edition. For users interested in the 3 premium editions of Tarantool, please contact at www.tarantool.io:

  • Enterprise edition that supports IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and other technologies.
  • Data Virtualization package designed for complex joins and harmonization across systems.
  • IIoT package to connect sensors to hubs and existing data stores.

Please see the Blog for the release of training materials.

About Tarantool

Tarantool is fast NewSQL database, cache, and an application server all in one. It is owned by My.com and Mail.ru Group, publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (MAIL:LSE), and the 5th largest internet company in the world with over 2,000 engineers in 10 global locations. The technology is continuously developed in partnership with businesses and the open source community. Please direct press inquiries to press@tarantool.io. For more information, please visit www.tarantool.io.