Tarantool в сотрудничестве с «ВАВИОТ» создает готовое решение для промышленного интернета вещей (IoT)

23 августа 2017 г.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(NEWSWIRE)--Tarantool's parent company, Mail.ru and WAVIoT, have announced a strategic partnership in the Industrial IoT aimed at integrating LPWAN into the Tarantool IIoT platform. This partnership enables Tarantool to offer a comprehensive solution for gathering and analyzing telemetry data, that is based on the Tarantool IIoT platform and the WAVIoT network.

This Industrial IIoT solution will allow obtaining data from wireless sensors installed at industrial sites, in vehicles and retail chains, and later using it for monitoring, analytics and machine learning.

Tarantool IIoT is a real-time transactional platform for data collection, online analytical processing and timely monitoring. It is capable of handling information coming from millions of sensors at a time. WAVIoT is a provider of wireless LPWAN-based solutions whose base stations can gather data from sensors within 6 miles inside the city and within 35 miles in the open. One base station is enough to cover more than two million smart devices. Having a Tarantool IIoT Data Hub on a WAVIoT base station will allow pre-processing data at industrial sites and then forwarding it to the main control facility via transactions.

Apart from that, end users will be able to purchase the platform that comes with the access to the WAVIoT network that is specifically designed for the IoT and works in a license-free frequency range. This way consumers will not have to build the infrastructure from the ground up, which will save them both time and resources that they will be free to invest into their main line of business instead.

“Partnering with WAVIoT is a part of our strategy aimed at creating a comprehensive IIoT solution. LPWAN plays a crucial role, because it is through the new-generation networks that we can interact with various pieces of advanced technology, a thing previously impossible from a technical standpoint. We are also focusing our efforts on expanding the existing protocols for automatic process control systems and on creating a machine learning toolset. What we offer is an open technological platform where customers can implement any industrial scenario,” commented Dennis Anikin, Head of Tarantool, Engineering Director of Email & Cloud Services at Mail.Ru Group.

According to Andrey Kolesnikov, Director of the IoT Association, WAVIoT is one of the most active members of the Association. “Partnership between companies involved in the IoT business (telemetry data collection of , remote object management and creation of an open platform that can potentially give rise to multiple ecosystems) is the implementation of the digital economy program that takes the usage of information and telecommunication technologies to a whole new level,” said Kolesnikov.

“Partnering with Mail.Ru Group in the Industrial IoT domain will allow us to cut the deployment time of IoT solutions for those clients who place a heavy emphasis on the available toolset and reliability of the analytics platform. Together we will be able to implement projects tailored to the needs of different groups of customers, from large enterprises to independent software developers who, up until recently, have been technically unable to quickly and inexpensively collect sensor data and manage remote devices,” commented Evgeny Akhmadishin, Managing Director of WAVIoT.