Tarantool представил систему репликации из Oracle

18 апреля 2017 г.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(NEWSWIRE)--Tarantool, a global NoSQL solution for enterprises, announced support for asynchronous replication from Oracle. With Tarantool’s new Oracle replication mechanism, developers and data architects can reduce workload on their existing databases and applications servers, and can deliver new heavy processing features.

Tarantool can interface with any data source including Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Hadoop, and others. This accelerates business efforts to modernize applications, and utilize existing data systems for BI such as real time analytics, online analytics, and other fast data for real time decision-making.

“Business leaders are experiencing how their customers are turning to self-service via web and mobile interfaces. They want complex searches, access to joint records, and real time analytics online. This generates a massive workload on Oracle databases for which they were not designed. Tarantool, on the other hand, is a fast and lightweight in-memory solution that is optimized for such tasks. Businesses can can both decrease the workload on Oracle, and speed up their services with Tarantool,” said Dennis Anikin, General Manager of Tarantool.

Asynchronous replication allows automatic data sync between Oracle and Tarantool. This way, an Oracle administrator can configure such that that all the changes to the Oracle DBMS are automatically and asynchronously replicated in Tarantool with a typical delay of several milliseconds to several seconds. The system allows specifying what data to replicate.

“This feature drives immediate cost reduction, sometimes millions of dollars in savings. Architects currently choose between creating more replicas of an expensive database, or paying more server costs with sharding and risking reliability. Performance is expensive and difficult. Tarantool allows you to leverage Oracle and any other sources to improve performance at a fraction of the cost,” stated Tyler Norkus, Director of Sales and Marketing.

This is the third significant feature release in the last two months from the Tarantool organization.

About Tarantool

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