What Is Tarantool?

Tarantool is an open-source database that can store everything in RAM. You can use it as a cache with on-disk persistence. Tarantool is able to process up to 1 million RPS and supports SQL and secondary index searching.

In Tarantool, you can run your code at the same place where your data is. That speeds up all the operations. Apply any business logic in Lua programming language. Get rid of the outdated database records. Synchronize with other data sources. Implement HTTP-service.

Features for Your Solutions

ACID transactions

To implement business logic that requires atomicity.


To balance the server load and duplicate the data to keep it safe.

On-disk persistence

To snapshot your data on disk automatically to restore it in case of failure.

Ready-to-use modules

To apply ready-to-use queues, connectors to other databases, and other extensions.


To use ANSI SQL with the JOIN and LIKE clauses support.

Two engines for storing data

To store your hot data in RAM and cold data on disk.

Using cluster

If you use sharding and replication, you need a cluster. Using cluster provides fault tolerance, makes it easier to configure topology, and brings a friendly error reporting via UI. Organize your Tarantool instances into a cluster and develop distributed applications with the help of Tarantool Cartridge.

Why Tarantool?

Maxim Bronya
Developer, Pricery

We needed a fast storage with 50+ million records capacity and secondary indexes support. When using PostgreSQL, we faced some issues. Sure, there must be a way to implement the case with PostgreSQL, but I did it faster by using Tarantool.

Vladimir Drynkin
Team Lead, Alfa-Bank

Tarantool's high performance and accessibility at any level as well as the wide range of capabilities of the embedded language and application server make this platform a truly multi-purpose and powerful tool for solving OLTP tasks of any kind.

Andrey Privalov

Two DB engines, memtx (in-memory) and vinyl (on-disk), combined with the capability of developing business logic proved to be a real godsend to us. We've been using Tarantool since 2018 with terabytes of data and dozens of instances in the cluster. Works 100%.

Vladislav Grubov
Lead Developer, Mail.ru

High performance. High availability. Flexibility when using in web applications (data storages, queues, proxy servers, RPS limiters, sharding, billing, caches, integrations).

Sergey Kazakov
Architect, Megafon

The best customer support I've ever dealt with.

Tarantool Team Contribution

11 years

of developing data storing technologies

100+ million

users around the world

21 years

of supporting high performance services

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