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The role of IT in business has changed

IT has switched from an expense to a revenue source, even for companies in traditional sectors
like banking, transportation, and logistics. Not to mention customers are increasingly
demanding new digital tools and experiences. The primary challenge for businesses, though, is
that so much of their data resides in legacy stores that are slow—and siloed from one another.


Up to 96% of IT expense
is budgeted to legacy systems


Digital transformations demand
10x faster performance at
10x lower cost


Going digital may be a
DO OR DIE challenge for
companies in traditional sectors

Addressing the change by replacing your legacy
data stores is counterproductive.

Starting entirely from scratch is wasteful in terms of time and expense.

An enterprise service bus (ESB) will only yield a collection of APIs linked to
legacy sources — entirely ignoring issues of fault tolerance, scalability and
real-time complex event processing.

Our expert team can work with your legacy data stores and unite them into a real-time, easily accessible, data stream.

  • Working with data

    The Tarantool team can work with your data, aggregating it and getting it into lightning-fast RAM — which will allow you to power real-time systems of all kinds.

  • Powerful solutions

    Your stores will begin providing powerful APIs and the overall solution will be transactional, horizontally scalable, and capable of complex event processing. We will substantially decrease the time to market for your digital initiatives.

  • Team support

    As we rework your technology, we'll also simultaneously help train your IT team for further development — grounded either in modern agile practices or the classical waterfall approach.

Tarantool has a proven track record at
many of the world’s largest corporations

№1 classifieds in Russia

Avito has been using Tarantool for customer profile and fraud detection since 2012

№1 dating site in the world

Badoo uses Tarantool to store customer session data and visitor profiles

№1 IT company in Russia

Tarantool is used extensively in Mail.Ru group IT backbone

realtime protection for web

Wallarm relies on Tarantool to calculate real-time traffic metrics, which is critical for protecting apps and APIs

№1 private bank in Russia

Alfa-Bank uses Tarantool for stream processing of market data

an international payment system

Mastercard uses Tarantool as a platform for P2P money transfers

a leading bank in Russia

Cetelem Bank uses Tarantool to automate personnel management at its retail credit offices

a federal wireless operator in Russia

Yota uses Tarantool as a cache system for its online billing platform

a global communications supplier

At Beeline, Tarantool is the underlying database for Unified Customer Profiles

a leading telecommunications company in Russia

At Megafon, Tarantool powers a geographically distributed, fault-tolerant HLR (home location register)

№1 gas and oil supplier in Russia

At Gazpromneft, Tarantool is used as a data integration platform for logistics

a large international network of oil & gas stations

Tarantool powers a sensor-data driven, oil-pump monitoring and control system

#1 Fastest In-Memory Data Platform

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