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Intro background
Intro background

Tarantool Enterprise Edition

Corporations need a way to ensure uninterrupted operation of their systems, high speed of data processing, and reliability of the storage. The in-memory technologies have proven themselves well in solving these problems. For more than 10 years, Tarantool has been helping companies all over the world build smart caches, data marts, and golden client profiles, while saving server capacity.

What solutions can be implemented with Tarantool Enterprise Edition

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Reduce the cost of storing credentials compared to siloed solutions and improve the service and security of client applications

Master data management (MDM)

Reduce data management costs of maintaining a large number of disparate systems that store customer identities

Complex event processing (CEP)

Increase sales by improving the speed and quality of customer recommendations for goods or services through the analysis of user behavior and user data


Improve mobile and web channel service by accelerating frontends to reduce user outflow

What Tarantool Enterprise Edition can help you with

  • Safety

  • Fault tolerance

  • Efficiency



IT systems of large organizations operate in a closed loop of a local network, where data circulates unprotected. This creates risks of unauthorized reading and use of the data. Encryption helps mitigate these risks.

Tarantool Enterprise Edition supports the most common AES and RSA encryption algorithms.

Audit log

Operations on data are recorded in the audit log, or Auditlog. An information security specialist can find a user who has performed an unauthorized deletion or modification of the data.

  • 25 types of events

    Your custom events can also be recorded in the Auditlog

  • Supports CSV

    Which helps to save disk space and store records for a long period of time

  • Flexible logging

    Allows you to choose which details to log: you can record everything or track only important events

Fault tolerance

Tarantool, the in-memory computing platform with a database and an application server, is fast, fault-tolerant, and ACID compliant. For data safety, Tarantool supports synchronous and asynchronous replication, as well as writing to disk, allowing you to store the most important data, such as user profiles or authorization data, and still have quick access to it.

The application architecture can be tailored to your needs with standard 3x or 4x redundancy.

We guarantee a high SLA: we will proceed with solving a critical problem within 5 minutes, and we will answer a non-urgent question within 30 minutes.

Data compression guarantees economy

As the amount of stored data and the size of the clusters grow, the costs of storing and processing this data multiply. Tarantool Enterprise Edition allows you to compress some of the data and reduce TCO costs. You can select the data you want to compress so that you don't waste CPU resources on decompressing frequently used files.

Why order a Tarantool Enterprise Edition solution?

We use innovative solutions tested in large-scale, data-intensive projects

We offer unique expertise—you will communicate directly with our developers

Our advantages are confirmed by successful projects for large corporations

We implement deployment and backup mechanisms natively using Ansible within the existing infrastructure

We implement data-intensive solutions of any complexity

Tell us all about your project’s objectives, and we’ll build a tailored Tarantool-based solution

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