Tarantool Enterprise Edition is a fast data platform built with the needs of the enterprise in mind

It is established on top of the proven open-source edition. You get a set of additional tools and services to simplify development, ensure manageability, and boost security in a production environment.

Tarantool Enterprise Edition is the ultimate solution to your data management issues

Harness the power of your data using a single comprehensive product. Reduce the number of technologies and move your focus from ops to apps.

Here’s what you get on top of the open-source features

An end-to-end application SDK. Cut the time to market for new products. Develop, ship, run, and upgrade your apps using battle-tested templates.
Use a skeleton for your cluster applications for smooth development and deployment. Improve performance and scale with fewer obstacles.
Built-in automatic sharding. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, put your data into multiple buckets. Single platform does not mean single point of failure.
Rolling production upgrades. No maintenance windows, no delays, no stoppage.
A static package with handpicked, preinstalled modules. Proven architecture, no dependencies. Unpack and run.
Manage with confidence via a cluster-control GUI and API.
Enterprise-grade security with audit log, argon2 data encryption, RBAC. Safeguard your data and comply with any regulations.
Connect hassle-free to data sources. Capture interactions across all channels to get a comprehensive view of your customers
Explicit access to core developers. Interact directly with the team that makes the product, there are no administrative men in the middle.

Comparison table

Feature Community Edition Enterprise Edition
In-memory storage engine
Disk storage engine
Secondary keys
ACID transactions
Replication & hot backup
Integrated application server
Built-in security
Built-in access control
Open source database connectivity: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached
Static package for standalone Linux systems
Built-in automatic sharding
Enterprise database connectivity: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2
Cluster control API
Cluster control GUI
Security audit log
End-to-end application SDK

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