Tarantool Kubernetes Operator

Tarantool Kubernetes Operator

Kubernetes is becoming a de facto standard for application development. It simplifies cluster deployment and operation. However, if you use external tools not adapted to working in the Kubernetes environment, then operating, scaling, and configuring the solution requires writing code and automating cluster management using an operator.

Difficulties of working outside the Kubernetes environment

Low speed of releasing new products to the market
Additional developers’ time and IT infrastructure resources required
High internal transaction costs for project implementation

Tarantool Kubernetes Operator is an efficient way to speed up the modern application development

Tarantool Kubernetes Operator automates cluster management within Kubernetes. The program allows you to enjoy all the advantages of modern technologies without writing additional code.
Native use of Tarantool in the Kubernetes environment allows system administrators to manage clusters easily, without having to learn any specific skills. Clusters can be launched faster and without large teams.
Reduced time-to-market
Quick launch of clusters
Fast cluster scaling and configuration
No need to hire developers
The ability to deploy in VK Cloud
Infrastructure works without downtime

Tarantool operator in the Kubernetes environment

Tarantool Kubernetes Operator — is a separate docker container that runs inside a Kubernetes cluster. In a Kubernetes environment, the user specifies the number of Tarantool instances and their roles. Then the cluster is built in the required configuration automatically.
Tarantool Kubernetes Operator also allows configuring settings of a cluster while it’s running, without downtime. This way you can scale and configure your clusters without any effort.
Work scheme

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Benefits of Kubernetes and Tarantool technologies for your projects

IT managers
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Quick testing of business hypotheses
  • No need to look for rare specialists with specific skills
  • Wider technology stack
  • Unified IT infrastructure
  • No need to write additional code and develop separate solutions for working with Tarantool and K8s
System administra­tors
  • Reduced number of routine tasks
  • Unified monitoring of IT infrastructure

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