Tarantool for banks
Tarantool for banks

Tarantool for banks

Decades of accumulated technical debt often cause banks to slow down their growth and development. An in-memory computing platform allows accelerating the time to market from new products without rebuilding the existing architecture. It also reduces the cost of upgrades and provides quick access to data.

Tarantool helps solve the tasks that challenge the technical capabilities of the existing architecture

Business tasks

  • Customers want to get information about their accounts and transactions instantaneously
  • A mobile application must work quickly and reliably, at the level of market leaders
  • The time from ideas to solutions must take days rather than months

Technical limitations

  • Gathering all information about a customer is complicated due to the variety of technologies and data formats
  • Key systems process queries slowly, and scaling them is challenging when monoliths and data silos are involved
  • Legacy parts slow down development and increase infrastructure maintenance costs

Connect Tarantool without rebuilding your existing architecture

Solve technical tasks with the Tarantool in-memory computing platform: take the load off the key systems, compile client profiles from several systems and databases, and configure data marts flexibly to display information about a client straightaway.

You can use Tarantool in the existing systems as an intermediate level to build microservices around.

Storing data in memory significantly reduces the load on the main system and allows easy scaling. You can integrate Tarantool into your system in two months and shorten the time spent on future projects to a few weeks.

Tarantool is easy to integrate because it provides connectors for popular programming languages like Java, Go, Python, C/C++ and more. It can be also integrated with popular enterprise solutions that work with data.

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Connection scheme

Choose Tarantool Enterprise Edition

  • Extended audit log for information security experts
  • IProto protocol encryption for corporate security compliance
  • In-memory data compression for reducing operational costs
Choose Tarantool Enterprise Edition

How banks profit from implementing Tarantool

  • Fault-tolerant distributed storage

  • 99.999% reliability

  • ACID-transaction support

  • Guaranteed data safety and encryption

  • Storing complex data types with indexes and relations

Leading companies choose Tarantool for solving their growth problems

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