Tarantool Cluster
with Cartridge

When your business project continues to grow, you have more data. Increased data means increased workload. At some point, the server can no longer cope with it, and the requests are taking more and more time to process. A logical way out seems to scale.


Cartridge is a new framework for scaling a Tarantool database. With Cartridge, you create multiple copies on different servers or split data among several Tarantool nodes. Cartridge allows you to create and configure clusters from multiple Tarantool instances.

Stay on Top
of Performance

Cartridge uses the CPU capacities of multiple servers and automatically switches among them. This increases the fault tolerance of the entire system.

to run

You can work just as fast when deploying the development environment in a single Docker container or creating geographically distributed clusters on both physical and virtual servers.

to configure

Configure the topology, monitor errors, and manage users via the web interface or API. Save time with a browser-based code editor.

Deployment Issues

Cartridge simplifies all the stages of your application’s lifecycle: creation, development, testing, CI/CD, operation.

Curious for more?
Take a look at the documentation to try Cartridge yourself!


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