Tarantool Cartridge

Tarantool Cartridge

Tarantool Cartridge is a new framework for developing complex distributed systems. Developers can now concentrate on implementing their business logic rather than solving infrastructure issues.

Tarantool Cartridge streamlines the entire life cycle of developing applications: design, implementation, testing, CI/CD, maintenance.


Key features:

  • Automated cluster orchestration
  • Custom roles for an enhanced app feature set
  • Cluster app template for easy development and deployment
  • Built-in automated sharding
  • Integration with the Luatest framework
  • WebUI and API for cluster management
  • Tools for packing and deploying the apps

Viewing cluster topology info:

all replica sets with their servers, as well as a pool of unconfigured servers

Viewing a server's current configuration:

network parameters, general settings, as well as replication and storage parameters

Creating a new replica set:

with roles and vshard groups