Tarantool CDC

Reduce maintenance costs for real-time replication from relational DBMS to external systems with the Tarantool's replicator

Difficulties in dealing with CDC systems

  • + There may not be enough specialists capable of maintaining CDC systems

  • + These solutions are expensive, and for foreign products their final cost depends on currency exchange rates

  • + Such a system is difficult to maintain, so incidents can take a long time to resolve

Why choose Tarantool CDC

If you use solutions based on popular technologies, you pay not only for licenses, but also for products that help integrate data with other IT systems and services.

You don't need licenses for additional products like Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data thanks to Tarantool CDC. You can reduce maintenance costs by collecting and processing data from Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other relational DBMSs online.

  • No need to hire developers
  • No need to support the solution by yourself
  • Migration in a short time period
  • Suitable for data processing systems with over 100 thousand TPS
  • Data aggregation from multiple sources with its further processing
  • Help with transferring the existing data (cold import)
  • We will set up a subscription for changes during the transition period
  • Technical support in English and Russian languages
Why you should use Tarantool CDC

Difficulties of transferring data that is updated in real time

Transferring data from one source to another is a routine task. Problems arise when the data source is being updated in real time. That's where CDC—Change Data Capture—comes to the rescue.

As a result, you get two systems that run simultaneously and contain the same data. Once the transfer is completed, the data sources are disconnected.

Tarantool Change Data Capture is a replicator that fetches data from the main DBMS. It acts as a replication client and doesn't load the main database.

With Tarantool CDC, you can organize data processing with message brokers, build a cache or a data mart.

Step 1

Transferring current data (cold import)

Step 2

Duplicating changes in the new repository (subscription to changes)

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