Tarantool in VK Cloud

Tarantool in VK Cloud

Deploy the cloud version of Tarantool on the VK Cloud platform in one click. Synchronous replication and application server are available to users.

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Advantages of the cloud version

  • Quick start

    Tarantool is a powerful and flexible tool. It will take time to learn and set it up on your own. In the cloud, it starts with one button and is pre-configured.

  • Cost reduction

    You do not need to administer Tarantool. The platform is managed by qualified VK Cloud specialists.

  • Fault tolerance

    When one node fails, Tarantool automatically fails over to another, maintaining data consistency.

  • Functionality

    Tarantool can be used as a standalone database, cache, queue broker, or in your custom solution.

Where Tarantool aaS can be used

  • OLTP

    When you need maximum bandwidth for loads of simple queries

  • Caching proxy

    When you need to speed up a slow application or database

  • Real-time marketing

    When you need predictable time of system response to requests

  • Queue broker

    When you need a high-performance queue broker for communication between cloud microservices

  • High loads

    When disk databases can't handle a growing load

Why Tarantool

Speed and efficiency

Tarantool can handle a load of up to hundreds of thousands RPS. This allows you to serve almost any load with small resources. At the same time, disk performance when reading data does not affect the performance of the entire platform. There is no need to create a cache and build around it a complex system of warming up and invalidating.


Due to the write-ahead writing to disk, Tarantool doesn't lose data even if the server suddenly restarts. The user can choose between synchronous and asynchronous replication, depending on their reliability requirements. Asynchronous replication latency is less than 1 millisecond.

Complete data schema

Unlike most in-memory solutions, Tarantool allows describing the data scheme, building secondary indexes, and using SQL just like you would with conventional relational databases. You are not limited as in relational databases and can choose the data storage model. Use the table format and switch to JSON or tuples when the number of fields and their names are not known in advance.

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