Tarantool Column Store - a column-oriented DBMS for transactional-analytical data processing

Column Store 

An in-memory column-oriented DBMS for transactional-analytical data processing in real time


What is transactional-analytical
data processing?

Traditionally, transactional and analytical systems are separated from each other. As a rule, transactional information is copied into a data mart or a storage, and then analytical queries are performed on it. This is necessary so that analytical queries don’t slow down operating systems.

In-memory technologies allow real-time transaction processing (OLTP) and analytical query processing (OLAP) within one system.

Such processing is called HTAP (Hybrid transactional/analytical processing).

The Tarantool Column Store column DBMS implements HTAP processing. This makes it possible to perform analytic queries instantly on the latest data, as well as reduce the cost of transferring and copying information.

What problems does
Tarantool Column Store solve?



Real-time report generation

Acceleration of analytical queries and calculations

Consolidation of analytical data

Storing and managing data and metadata (Feature Store) for machine learning tasks

Tarantool Column Store
use cases


Speeding up and increasing the accuracy of anti-fraud systems

Problem: Financial organizations require quick access to large volumes of constantly updated data to instantly detect suspicious transactions.

Solution: Tarantool Column Store (TCS) allows you to detect suspicious transactions with almost zero latency. TCS is built into an anti-fraud system as a high-speed analytical storage, makes it possible to store over 5 TB of data with 1000+ attributes (columns) and carry out analytical calculations in real-time.


Improving the performance of a loan issuance system

Problem: The bank needs to quickly generate a number of loan offers for a potential customer based on the data supplied through a loan application form. These offers must be as attractive to the customer as possible and, at the same time, be low-risk for the bank.

Solution: Tarantool Column Store, in response to an application, carries out real-time analytical processing of a matrix that contains more than 100,000 options for loan offers and additional services. As a result, the loan issuance system instantly assesses the risk of non-repayment of borrowed funds for each loan offer and generates a set of the most suitable and low-risk options.


Generation of financial reports in real time

Problem: Large businesses need to quickly make decisions on financial and management matters. To support this, there are various reports for business management at different levels. Reports should be generated quickly and contain up-to-date and reliable data.

Solution: Tarantool Column Store consolidates data on financial and economic activities (assets and liabilities, purchasing activities, product sales, cash flows, etc.) in a single repository and runs analytical queries in real time for quick reporting. Denormalized data is stored in tables with 400+ columns and a capacity of more than 6 TB.

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Advantages of Tarantool Column Store

High performance due to multithreading

Real-time data analysis using in-memory technologies

Possibility of massively parallel processing of large volumes of data

Horizontal scaling through sharding

Development by a Russian vendor: support and adaptation of the product to your needs

Tarantool Column Store is included in the Russian software register (entry № 20683 dated December 25, 2023)

Tarantool Column Store features

Data Operations

  • Flexible configuration of data schemas (tables, columns, and indexes)
  • Secondary indexes with depth adjustment
  • CRUD operations
  • SQL support, including aggregate and statistical functions
  • Single/mass data recording
  • Data persistence
  • Auto-eviction of data when RAM is full
  • Data replication
  • Sharding
  • Multi-threaded reading
  • Data compression
  • API for reading/writing data from business applications in Java, Python, or Go (for now, HTTP API is supported)

Administration and Security Options

  • ACID support
  • Role-based model (RBAC) for assigning access rights to objects
  • Security audit log

Operational Capabilities

  • Support of Russian operating systems: Astra Linux, REDOS, and Viola
  • Export monitoring metrics to Prometheus and Grafana
  • Automation of installation and cluster launch
  • Cluster management
  • Deployment with Kubernetes

Tarantool Column Store architecture

Tarantool Column Store stores and processes data in the form of columns, integrating with business applications via JDBC/ODBC, HTTP, SQL, and Apache Arrow Flight. Scaling tools available: clustering, replication, and sharding.

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