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Choose the edition that best fits your needs. Tarantool Community Edition works best for developing your applications and for speeding up the systems in operation. The Enterprise Edition has modules for integrating with corporate data sources and data consumers, and enterprise security tools. For Enterprise Edition users, vendor support is available.

Tarantool Community Edition

Tarantool Community Edition

Tarantool Enterprise Edition

  • Two storage engines: an in-memory engine and a disk engine — and a built-in application server
  • K8s operator. DBaaS, cloud deployment, full Kubernetes support, stateful and stateless nodes
  • Performance tracing
  • Patches one month after a release
  • All features of the Community Edition
  • Static build without external dependencies for autonomous Linux systems
  • SDK for closed-loop development and operation
  • Module for running scheduled/on-demand tasks
  • LDAP Integration
  • Independent stable distribution
  • Patches instantly upon a release
  • Separate repository
  • Audit log
  • Web interface for viewing data
  • RBAC (role-based access) management
  • Enterprise Grade Monitoring: integration with Grafana, InfluxDB, Telegraf, Prometheus, and Graphite


  • PostgreSQL replication module
  • PostgreSQL connector
  • Kafka connector
  • MySQL connector
  • All connectors and integration modules of the Community Edition
  • Oracle replication module
  • Oracle connector
  • Sybase connector
  • ODBC connector

Support & Professional Services

  • Open communication channels: documentation on the website, Telegram chat for the community
  • No SLA provided for the tickets created on GitHub, with an average response time of a few weeks
Choose Tarantool Community
  • All features of the Community Edition
  • Support contract with SLA on response time
  • Support contract with SLA on patch releases
  • Call center services
  • Dedicated support manager
  • A team of Mail.Ru Group experts dedicated to your project
  • Ability to influence the product roadmap
  • Included in the Russian software register
  • At the final stage of certification by FSTEC (Federal Service for Technology and Export Control)
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