Tarantool Data Grid

Tarantool Data Grid

Information about customers is often stored in different systems: separate services are responsible for orders, personal data, accrued bonuses, etc. The more of these services are accumulated in a project, the more pressing the challenge of linking the data becomes. Creating links between all the systems is time-consuming, complicated, and unreliable. Tarantool Data Grid allows you to collect data from different systems and convert it to a unified format. It can also serve as a data mart, that is, pass the data directly to applications.

What solutions can be implemented with Tarantool Data Grid

  • СDI and MDM storages
    Create «golden customer records», aggregate and analyze data from different systems with a master storage, and implement near real-time query processing
  • Processing module for CEP systems
    Optimize query processing and speed up caching. Connect the processing module without changing the IT infrastructure

What tasks a Data Integration Tool solves

  • Saves time and increases the performance of your system

    Storing all the data in one place significantly reduces the time required to process and analyze it. No more writing connectors between all systems from scratch every time you need to collect a report. A developer can run TDG with a single command and start working with it right away.

  • Reduces errors and human factor

    To collect reports and uploads manually as well as ensure their completeness and accuracy, employees need to know where and in what form the data is stored. Collecting information from different systems manually is a time-consuming, demanding, and painstaking work. Instead, all data sources can be connected in the TDG visual editor, where you can add new repositories and services easily.

  • Serves as a data mart

    The main advantage of Tarantool Data Grid is the ability to not only receive data from different systems and send it further, but also to aggregate and process it, as well as to serve as a data mart. You can pass information directly to applications through the API. The customer will be able to get quick access to current information: for example, their personal account or the latest purchases and accrued bonuses.

How it works

Connector receives and sends data

Set up connections to different data sources and configure data sending to other systems right in the GUI. You can retrieve data via HTTP, Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or other protocols and query languages. You can pass the data further through the API.

Runner processes requests and scheduled tasks

Runner converts the data from different systems into a unified data model. To free up computing resources, you can run tasks on a schedule. Inside the TDG, code is executed in isolation from any other code, including the system code.

Storage stores data

TDG differs from a common Data Integration Tool by being able to store data internally and give it away via API, i.e., being a data mart.

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Tarantool Data Grid helps to solve growth problems

Tarantool Data Grid allows you to scale infinitely—from a single instance to a cluster hosted on servers in different data centers. Basically, any information system, demanding to address scalability and performance issues, can benefit from using Tarantool Data Grid in the architecture.

Pass the internal security audit without any issues

If your company handles sensitive data, you know how difficult it can be for a custom system to pass a security audit. With Tarantool Data Grid, you will pass it without any problems.

  • Customizable roles allow you to control the access for each system function.
  • Account expiration time tracking and defense against brute-force attacks help to set up automatic blocking and protection.
  • Configurable password policy and integration with Active Directory securely protect your data.
  • Audit of successful and unsuccessful access attempts and changes to the role model allows your security service to investigate incidents.

Why choose Tarantool Data Grid

  • Quick installation

  • Easy scaling

  • Technical support in English and Russian

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