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Tarantool Data Grid

Convenient platform for building data services

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How you can use Tarantool Data Grid

With Tarantool Data Grid, you get a development and data modeling environment as well as tools to configure connectors quickly. This solution can collect, combine, and process data from different systems in real time. A developer can run Tarantool Data Grid with a single command and start working immediately. The solution supports HTTP and can be easily integrated with existing systems.

Tarantool Data Grid allows you to scale infinitely—from a single instance to a cluster hosted on multiple servers in different data centers. Any information system with scalability and performance issues can benefit from Tarantool Data Grid.

  • Risk analysis

    Tarantool Data Grid is used in risk analysis, trading systems, and e-commerce

  • Profiles

    Tarantool Data Grid is well-suited for working with profiles, authorization, and other systems storing linked data on different nodes of a distributed cluster

  • Cache and data marts

    Tarantool Data Grid is ideal for cache in business-critical systems, data marts, and Customer 360

Why Tarantool Data Grid is so convenient

To increase performance, you can run multiple copies of Tarantool Data Grid components. They will work even in different data centers.


Connector receives and sends data

Connect to different data sources without writing more code. Configure a connection in the GUI, and the Connector component will receive the data as is: there is no need to write intermediary code. The solution supports protocols and query languages like GraphQL, Apache Kafka, HTTP, SOAP, MessagePack, and more.


Runner is responsible for request processing and scheduled tasks

When data comes from different systems, it needs to be brought to a standard. Runner converts the data according to the specified data model. For data that cannot be processed in real time, you can schedule tasks that will be launched when there are enough compute resources available. In Tarantool Data Grid, you can write Lua code that will be executed in isolation from other custom or system code.


Storage stores data

Tarantool Data Grid supports data sharding. The more instances you launch, the more bandwidth you get. The versioning mechanism allows you to access the history of changes. Store all the versions or only a limited quantity. Specify the expiration date and time, and the Storage component will automatically move any outdated data to disk, archive them, or delete them.


Core lets you customize

Customize the way data is processed. The Core component brings together all the things necessary for the solution to work and requires configuration rather than development. It plans tasks, stores access rights and audit logs, and runs many other functions.

Tarantool Data Grid is user-friendly for non-developers

You don’t need to hire highly paid experts to work with Tarantool Data Grid. Most of the system settings can be configured in the web interface. All the operational problems are already dealt with. The code editor helps eliminate risks associated with inexperience and carelessness, highlighting syntax errors and suggesting autocompletion strings. The solution can be used by analysts who can write simple SQL and Python scripts.

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What makes Data Grid so special

Quick and easy start

  • The environment lets you easily develop services on a developer’s machine
  • HTTP and GraphQL help integrate Tarantool Data Grid with your systems, get pieces of data from various sources, and merge the data
  • Connectors enable you to configure the system directly from the web interface

Updates without downtime

  • Scale and maintain your deployment in the Kubernetes cloud
  • Edit the code and data model on the fly
  • Several teams can develop the code using the same platform without affecting each other's work

Pass the internal security audit without any issues

If your company handles sensitive data, you know how difficult it is for a custom system to pass a security audit. With Tarantool Data Grid, you can do it without any problems.

  • Customizable user roles let you control the access to every system function
  • User account time control and defense against brute-force attacks help setup automatic blocking and protection
  • The customizable password policy and Active Directory integration secure your data
  • Audit of successful and unsuccessful access attempts and changes in the role model helps your security service investigate incidents

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