Tarantool Community Edition is a powerful fast data platform that comes with an in-memory database and an integrated application server

It is very simple and lightning fast.

Tarantool is designed to give you the flexibility, scalability, and performance that you want, as well as the reliability and manageability that you need in mission-critical applications

Get started for free today and download the feature-rich Tarantool Community Edition. It is distributed under one of the most liberal open-source licenses — simplified BSD


What’s in the box?

Tarantool database has a main in-memory engine. It consistently delivers high performance, great throughput, and low latency.
In-memory does not mean unreliable. Write-ahead logging and snapshots guarantee that data is never lost.
Even the fastest database is a bottleneck unless it can run your code. An application server is built into the platform and drives performance through the roof.
Effortless five nines availability with out-of-the-box replication tools.
Raw speed is not everything. ACID transactions make sure that your data is always consistent.
Not enough memory? Use a secondary disk engine and work with datasets of any size.
Scale out without limits and operate at any size. Your first user and your millionth user will enjoy the same experience.
Use NoSQL flexibility to match the speed of agile development. Answer ever-changing business requirements in no time.
We honor universal SQL adoption by providing ANSI SQL features alongside the full benefits of NoSQL paradigm.
Enjoy a rich ecosystem of modules and connectors. Quickly prototype using a familiar language, reusable code, reference libraries, and the best practices of the community.
What is a product without the community? Use the collective power of our Telegram group or other channels. Engage with the developers that build the product to resolve your questions quickly and efficiently.

Download now to start building in minutes