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Want your connector listed here? Please drop us a line at support@tarantool.io.


  • C connector for Tarantool 1.6+. Supports sync and async I/O models.

    Owner: @bigbes

  • A plain msgpack serialization library. Use it if you wish to write your own connector or embed Tarantool protocol into your application.

    Owner: @rtsisyk



  • .Net connector for Tarantool 1.6+. Offers a full-featured support of Tarantool’s binary protocol, async API and multiplexing.

  • .Net connector for Tarantool 1.6. Based on the Akka.Net I/O package.

    Owner: @donmikel


  • Clojure connector for Tarantool 1.7+.

    Owner: @fl00r


  • Crystal connector for Tarantool 1.7+.

    Owner: @vladfaust


  • Erlang connector for Tarantool 1.6+. Supports pools of async connects (OTP supervisor based), automatic connection restore, transparent erlang map <-> Lua table.

    Owner: @stofel

  • Erlang connector for Tarantool 1.7+. Based on simplepool.

    Owner: @brigadier

  • Native Elixir connector for Tarantool 1.6.

    Owner: @spscream



  • Java connector for Tarantool 1.6+

    Owner: @dgreenru


  • Pure Lua connector for Tarantool 1.7+. Works on nginx cosockets and plain Lua sockets.

    Owner: @csteenberg

  • Tarantool client for LuaJIT. Uses [sock] for I/O but you can bring your own.

    Owner: @capr


  • Node connector for Tarantool.

    Owner: Tarantool authors

  • Node connector for Tarantool 1.5.

    Owner: Tarantool authors


  • NginX upstream module for Tarantool 1.6+. Features REST, JSON API, websockets, load balancing.

    Owner: @dedok


  • Connector for working with Tarantool 1.6 from nginx with an embedded Lua module or with OpenResty.

    Owner: @perusio

  • Lua connector for Tarantool 1.6 on OpenResty nginx cosockets.

    Owner: @hengestone


  • Perl client for Tarantool 1.6+. Fast, based on AnyEvent (async requests out of the box), provides automatic schema loading and on-fly reloading (which enables one to use spaces’ and indexes’ names in queries), supports all common tarantool statements to be requested natively (select / insert / delete / update / replace / upsert) or through lua function call. The connection is fully customizable (different timeouts can be set), fault-tolerant (reconnect on fails), and can be lazy initialized (to connect on first request).

    Owner: @Awety

  • EV connector for Tarantool 1.6+. Asynchronous, fast, supports schemas (incl. fields) for on-the-fly tuple-to-hash and backward transformations, supports Types::Serializer for transparent conversion to JSON.

    Owner: @igorcoding, @mons


  • PECL PHP connector for Tarantool 1.6+

    Owner: @bigbes

  • Pure PHP connector for Tarantool 1.7.1+. Includes a client and a mapper.

    Owner: @rybakit, @nekufa


  • Pure Python connector for Tarantool 1.6+, also available from pypi

    Owner: @bigbes

  • Python Gevent driver for Tarantool 1.6

    Owner: @shveenkov

  • Python 3.5 asyncio driver for Tarantool 1.6+

    Owner: @igorcoding

  • Python 3.4 asyncio driver for Tarantool 1.6

    Owner: @shveenkov


  • R connector for Tarantool 1.6+

    Owner: @thekvs



  • Rust connector for Tarantool 2.2+

    Owner: @picodata

  • Rust connector for Tarantool 1.7+

    Owner: @zheludkov

  • Pure Rust async connector for Tarantool 1.6+

    Owner: @dedefer


  • Pharo Smalltalk connector for Tarantool 1.6+. Includes object-oriented wrapper classes for easier use, automatic connection handling (pooling, reconnect). An additional module (Tarantube) provides queue interfaces.

    Owner: @mumez


  • Swift connector and stored procedures for Tarantool 1.7

    Owner: @rtsisyk


  • Built-in net.box module. Ships together with any Tarantool package. See more in the documentation.

    Owner: Tarantool authors

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