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Available modules

To install a module, say:

$ tarantoolctl rocks install module-name

Want your module listed here? Please drop us a line at doc@tarantool.io.

Data formats / Serialization

avro-schema External

Apache Avro schema tools for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install avro-schema

csv Built-in

Manipulation routines for CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) records

document External

Efficiently store JSON documents in Tarantool spaces

tarantoolctl rocks install document

json Built-in

JSON manipulation routines

msgpack Built-in

MsgPack encoder/decoder

pickle Built-in

ASN1 BER format reader

xlog Built-in

Reader for Tarantool’s snapshot files and write-ahead-log (WAL) files

yaml Built-in

YAML encoder/decoder

Database administration

console Built-in

Connect remotely to a Tarantool instance via an admin port

authman External

Authorization module for Tarantool providing API for user registration and login

tarantoolctl rocks install authman

dump External

Logical dump and restore for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install dump

graphite External

Export Tarantool application metrics to Graphite

tarantoolctl rocks install graphite

prometheus External

Prometheus library to collect metrics from Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install prometheus

metrics External

Centralized system for collecting and manipulating metrics from multiple clients

tarantoolctl rocks install metrics

zookeeper External

ZooKeeper client for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install zookeeper


mysql External

Connect to a MySQL database from a Tarantool application

tarantoolctl rocks install mysql

pg External

Connect to a PostgreSQL database from a Tarantool application

tarantoolctl rocks install pg

Date and time

clock Built-in

Routines to get time values derived from the Posix/C ‘CLOCK_GETTIME’ function or equivalent. Useful for accurate clock and benchmarking.

icu-date External

LuaJIT FFI bindings to ICU date and time library

tarantoolctl rocks install icu-date

Development support

cbench External

Simple tool to benchmark Tarantool internal API

tarantoolctl rocks install cbench

debug Built-in

Tools to print call traces, insert watchpoints, inspect Lua objects

fun Built-in

Functional programming primitives that work well with LuaJIT

gperftools External

Lua code profiler based on Google Performance Tools

tarantoolctl rocks install gperftools

log Built-in

Routines to write messages to the built-in Tarantool log

modulekit External

Templates to create new Tarantool modules in Lua, C and C++

tarantoolctl rocks install modulekit

strict Built-in

Module to prohibit use of undeclared Lua variables

tap Built-in

Tools to write nice unit tests conforming to Test Anything Protocol

checks External

Easy, terse, readable and fast check of the Lua functions + argument types

tarantoolctl rocks install checks

cron-parser External

Lua wrapper for the 'ccronexpr' C library

tarantoolctl rocks install cron-parser

tradeparser External

Fast specialized XML trade parser

tarantoolctl rocks install tradeparser

ldecnumber External

Lua wrapper for the 'decNumber' library

tarantoolctl rocks install ldecnumber

lrexlib External

Regular expression library binding (PCRE flavour)

tarantoolctl rocks install lrexlib

lua-term External

Terminal manipulation module

tarantoolctl rocks install lua-term

LuLPeg External

Port of the LPeg, Roberto Ierusalimschy's Parsing Expression Grammars library

tarantoolctl rocks install lulpeg

argparse External

Feature-rich command-line argument parser for Lua

tarantoolctl rocks install argparse

watchdog External

Simple watchdog module for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install watchdog


gis External

Full-featured geospatial extension for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install gis


iconv Built-in

Convert data between character sets


moonwalker External

Smart algorithm to iterate over a space and make updates without freezing the database

tarantoolctl rocks install moonwalker


connpool External

Net.box connection pool for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install connpool

http Built-in

HTTP client with support for HTTPS and keepalive; uses routines in the ‘libcurl’ library

http External

Fast and lightweight HTTP server for Tarantool, supports middleware, templates and other features

tarantoolctl rocks install http

mqtt External

Connect from Tarantool to applications which speak MQTT protocol

tarantoolctl rocks install mqtt

mrasender External

Send messages from Tarantool to Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ

tarantoolctl rocks install mrasender

net.box Built-in

Module to connect remotely to a Tarantool instance via a binary port

smtp External

SMTP client for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install smtp

Operating systems/Interfaces

errno Built-in

Module to handle errors produced by POSIX APIs

fio Built-in

Routines for file input/output

os Built-in

Faster analogs to the standard ‘os’ functions in Lua

socket Built-in

Non-blocking routines for socket input/output

Power tools

expirationd External

Expiration daemon module to turn Tarantool into a persistent memcache replacement with your own expiration strategy

tarantoolctl rocks install expirationd

memcached External

Memcached protocol wrapper for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install memcached

shard External

Application-level library that provides sharding, re-sharding and client-side reliable replication for Tarantool

tarantoolctl rocks install shard

vshard External

Sharding based on virtual buckets

tarantoolctl rocks install vshard

queue External

Set of persistent in-memory queues to create task queues, add and take jobs, monitor failed tasks

tarantoolctl rocks install queue


crypto Built-in

Routines to work with various cryptographic hash functions

digest Built-in

Routines to work with “digest”, a value returned by a hash function