Sept. 10, 2018

Aeroflot Launches Tarantool-Based Customer Relationship Management Platform

Aeroflot launched a unique data platform for customer relationship management based on Tarantool database management system. The project was implemented by Integro Technologies, a member of RAMAX Group.

Customer Relationship Management Platform is a package of systems and a single access point to private customer information for delivering personal service, registration, routing and handling customer requests.

The Platform uses Tarantool as an operational database where the requests are stored as specific data structures required for analytics algorithms. Extremely high performance and advanced database features, such as secondary indexes and support for multiple connections with zero performance loss, allowed us to successfully implement all the functional modules, within the required timeframe.

The package consists of multiple modules that cover functional business requirements, as well as modules for integration into the existing IT infrastructure of Aeroflot, including various channels of request sources (social networks, e-mails, website, and personal accounts).

The first system module deals with customer identification based on integrated data analysis. The second module is responsible for detecting request duplicates. The third module — NewsHooks — analyzes text data flows in real time (articles, comments). Text analysis involves semantic interpretation of posts, construction of word patterns and word groups (n-grams) subsequently overlaid on time series, and news hook search and aggregation. The algorithm is intended to show social network activity peaks or its increase.

The amount of data required for the system modules listed above is beyond the usual limits of local storage within an application. The estimated number of data retrieval attempts is about several thousand requests per second, with the required response time of just a couple of milliseconds. Some requirements, such as an explicit 3-second time limitation for enriching an event with various properties, made the system extremely complicated in terms of development.

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