New Release of Tarantool Enterprise

Oct. 30, 2019

We have released a new version of Tarantool Enterprise (1.10.4-1 и 2.1.2-109).

The full build names are:

  • tarantool-enterprise-bundle-1.10.4-1.g639e711.tar.gz
  • tarantool-enterprise-bundle-2.1.2-109.g639e711.tar.gz

Builds are available for authorized users:

Documentation is available at

and in the Cloud repository:

  • packages/enterprise-doc/enterprise-1.10.4-1.pdf
  • packages/enterprise-doc/enterprise-2.1.2-109.pdf

Major news:

New features:

  • new open source modules: cartridge (successor of the cluster module) and cartridge-cli (successor of the tarantoolapp utility);
  • a new open source module luacheck – a static code analyzer, pre-configured for Tarantool;
  • new versions of about 15 other modules;
  • new design of the administrative web interface.