Tarantool 1.10.4 LTS

Sept. 27, 2019

We have released Tarantool 1.10.4 LTS. It is the next stable release in the 1.10 series. The label ‘stable’ means we have had systems running in production without known crashes, bad results or other showstopper bugs for quite a while now.

This release resolves about 50 issues since 1.10.3, you can check out the full list here. The most interesting changes:

  • Disallow bootstrap of read-only masters gh-4321.
  • Use bundled libcurl rather than system-wide by default. This closes several known problems that were fixed in recent libcurl versions, including segfaults, hangs, memory leaks and performance problems: gh-4318, gh-4180, gh-4288, gh-4389, gh-4397.
  • Fixed 5 segfaults in JuaJIT.