Tarantool open-source strategy

Sept. 10, 2019

What Happened?

Konstantin Osipov has left the Tarantool project. In spring 2019, he left Mail.ru Group, but remained an active Github contributor. In early September, Konstantin announced that he would no longer participate in Tarantool development and code review.

What’s next?

The team of 70+ people continues working on the project. We work on Tarantool Enterprise releases as well as on the open-source version, which remains a cornerstone for the project.

You can check out our open-source plans here.

Why do we still work on open-source version?

The open-source version remains a strategic goal for the Tarantool team. We never discussed, planned, or even thought about going closed source.

Konstantin’s public statement on this topic cannot be considered correct, it may confuse the community.

Since Konstantin’s departure, we had three major releases:

  • Tarantool Cartridge (an open-source framework for developers),
  • Tarantool Data Grid (an enterprise platform for data integration),
  • Tarantool Kubernetes operator.

Tarantool is not going to become a proprietary software, it will remain open-source. Our plans for the closest milestone are here as well as other activities on the project.

Who drives open-source further?

Tarantool started in 2010 under Jury Vostrikov’s leadership. Here are some of the very first materials from that time.

In later years there were other leaders: Roman Tsisyk, Denis Anikin, Konstantin Osipov. Project is moving forward with the same goals as before.

Open-source development is now led by Kirill Yukhin, whom you might know from his Percona speeches. He's been part of the project for over two years now.

Tarantool Enterprise is supervised by Konstantin Nazarov.