Feb. 28, 2019

Tarantool Becomes the Main Data Storage in Basis IT’s WFM Solution

Mail.Ru Group has announced that Basis IT, a software development company specializing in business process automation, began commercial operation of its BASIS.WFM platform, which uses Mail.Ru’s Tarantool DBMS as its main data storage.

In terms of architecture, the BASIS.WFM platform (onto which Basis IT’s WFM system was transferred), is a functional microservice, peer-to-peer component environment, where you can quickly build custom solutions that are adapted to specific requests from your partners. You can focus on work planning and the organization between various tasks and geographical sites. The platform provides informational and organizational support for staffing and the work process, as well as the analysis of work results and staff time, taking into account Russian legislative fundamentals.

The development company used the Tarantool DBMS to implement a modern architectural concept, ultimately yielding an advanced-class WFM solution (WorkForce Management) — a platform that features easily enhanced functionality yet maintains high performance and data security.

BASIS.WFM processes large amounts of hot data: department work schedules, staff availability (geographically and over time), staff qualifications, task priorities, various quantitative cross-sections and metrics, etc. At the same time, any changes to this source data need to be visible to to all of the participants in real time. This explains the high requirements for both speed and reliability in the DBMS used in the solution.

Tarantool stores all basic and operational data in memory, which provides the necessary performance level for any workload (up to 100,000 requests per second for a single instance), and there are no limits to the data it can process thanks to its horizontal scalability. Moreover, all data is copied to disk, which guarantees its safety along with superior logging. Stored procedures allow the user to process data directly where it is stored, thereby reducing resource consumption and eliminating networking risks. All data consumers are instantly notified of any changes, which meets real-time data requirements.

The high quality of Tarantool is demonstrated by its popularity in the IT community and its employment in a large number of implementations.

"A wide range of tools and an active Internet community allow us to develop and to drive this data platform in the right direction," says development team leader Dmitry Krokhin.

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