Oct. 23, 2018

VimpelCom Implements Single Tarantool-Based Customer Communication Platform

The Single Communication Platform (SCP) will allow VimpelCom to optimize sending service notifications to subscribers. Tarantool database management system developed by Mail.Ru Group is used in every system component.

The Single Communication Platform is designed to decide when and what message should be sent to a VimpelCom subscriber: from a warning on being in roaming to a reminder to refill an account.

The Single Communication Platform is put into operation, making it possible for VimpelCom to improve delivery of service notifications: subscribers will continue receiving all the necessary information from the operator with fewer notifications. The Single Communication Platform also helps optimize day-to-day routines of the IT team — they no longer have to configure other systems for sending messages on different topics to subscribers.

Key features of the Platform include: support for multiple event sources within the company, interaction with various communication channels (omnichannel), and a user interface for administrators to easily configure business rules for sending messages, with no special staff training. The Platform can store all created and sent service notifications for three years, while the amount of stored information can be estimated in billions of messages. Moreover, the Single Platform has a high level of safety ensuring the integrity and security of data.

The Single Communication Platform uses Tarantool both as a queue server and as a highly available clustered storage. Furthermore, Tarantool is an easily scalable high-performance solution that constitutes the basis for the fast and flexible message management system.

Ilya Pyatigorsky, director of product development and business transformation of PJSC VimpelCom, commented that the accuracy of communication between the company and its customers has improved with the launch of the Single Platform. Subscribers receive SMS notifications faster so the information will still be relevant by the time the message is received.

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