VK Cloud Storage for any type of data

Cloud Storage by VK

Enterprise-level object storage with the API S3 access protocol in the On-Premise delivery option: software on customer servers or as part of a SHC


Organize an unstructured
data storage within your company network

Choose the option of VK Cloud Storage
that is best for you

Organize an unstructured
data storage within your company network


Multimedia content (photos and videos)

Big data and datasets for machine learning




The On-Premise delivery option of VK Cloud Storage provides reliable and long-term storage of files of various types and sizes with interactive read/write access.

Choose the option of VK Cloud Storage
that is best for you

On your servers

This On-Premise option offers software installation on your equipment. The out-of-the-box solution is installed on your hardware. You have full control over the storage while complying with information security requirements

A software-hardware complex

This On-Premise option includes software as part of a ready-to-use complex. The offer includes software supplied along with equipment

On VK Cloud servers

The solution is deployed and administered on the cloud servers by the VK Cloud specialists. It’s cheaper and doesn’t require building custom complex infrastructure.

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Disadvantages of traditional
unstructured data storage systems

Dependence on equipment supplied by the vendor

Performance decrease with growth in NAS systems

No flexibility or quick horizontal scaling options

Stretched storage architectures across multiple data centers are hard to implement

Block storage systems require an additional technical layer for storing unstructured content

Reliance on a specific data transfer technology stack

The solution is compatible
with the S3 API and has advantages
over other storages

Doesn’t depend on a single vendor and works on any x86 servers or platforms

Reduced TCO: out-of-the-box delivery in the form of software or a software-hardware package

Unlimited scalability with added disks or servers

Flexible storage configuration depending on the task (read/write)

Reliable storage due to multiple data centers

Custom development without open-source components like CEPH

Why VK Cloud Storage?

of business costs

  • Fast integration due to S3 protocol support
  • Easy integration with any application via webhooks
  • Optimal cost per gigabyte compared to block storage
  • Can be categorized as either CAPEX or OPEX
  • Reduced costs due to data compression

and support

  • Included in the Russian software registry
  • Continuity of business scaling when scaling with Cloud Storage by VK
  • 24/7 availability of VK services

Technological benefits of the solution

Master—replica level of fault tolerance

High performance due to sharding

Optimized use of resources through data compression and deduplication

Improved reliability due to multiple data centers. Active-Active synchronization, configuration for 2+ data centers, and use of resources of all data centers

Scalability by adding disks or servers without downtime

Quick access to metadata due to in-memory storage with the Tarantool platform

Cloud Storage
architecture and operation scheme


This documentation contains a description of the functional characteristics of the software and information necessary to install and operate the software, as well as a description

of the processes that ensure the maintenance of the software life cycle, including troubleshooting problems identified during the operation of the software, improving the software, and information about personnel necessary to provide such support.

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