Tarantool Queue Enterprise - Distributed message queuing system

Queue Enterprise

Distributed in‑memory message queuing system. Allows creating queues with various architectures depending on business needs.


What are queues used for?

System components use message queues to exchange information. A source component adds a message to a queue, using it like a buffer. The queue ensures that the message is not lost and delivers it to the receiving component.

Queues are used to manage requests and tasks within the system by maintaining the correct execution order and avoiding overload.

Message queues increase the reliability, scalability, and performance of the system. They allow performing asynchronous operations and simplify the integration of new services and applications.

Difficulties in working
with message queues by other tech vendors

Hard to maintain

The technology stack quickly becomes overwhelming when you use queues and data stores from different vendors.

Hard to deploy

Open‑Source solutions require a lot of resources for development

Hard to scale

Most existing solutions store data on disk, which has limited resources

Why use Tarantool Queue Enterprise?

Customize any queue scenario with flexible functionality

Maximum throughput due to in-memory technologies

Minimal development resources required with an out‑of‑the‑box solution

Easy horizontal scaling thanks to sharding

The technology stack doesn’t increase if you already store data in Tarantool

Fault tolerance due to data redundancy and automatic leader switching

Choose the architecture
that suits you best

Sharded priority queue (SQ)

A classic queue with the ability to send delayed messages and configure priorities.

SQ is perfect for asynchronous and high-priority tasks. Examples:

  • web service for order processing
  • messaging system
  • task management system
  • content management
  • routing and load balancing

Message queue with strict order of message processing (MQ)

A broker that guarantees that the messages are processed in the correct order.

The consumers receive only the messages they are subscribed to. This reduces unnecessary data traffic and improves processing efficiency. This architecture guarantees the highest possible throughput.

MQ architecture compared to SQ:

  • better suited for processing large volumes of data, stream processing, and working in real time
  • capable of dealing with peak loads

Queue architecture options



FIFO: the first element added to the queue is processed first

Priority queue: retrieves elements according to priority

Delayed messages

Subscription to messages with filtering

Message deduplication when publishing

Creating indexes based on messages

Sharding support

Support for synchronous and asynchronous replication

Message type



Communication protocol



Routing method

Router (Tarantool instance)

GO application

Reliable component of IT systems

Tarantool technologies are over 15 years old

Successful implementations in the largest companies in the Russian Federation

Tarantool Queue Enterprise is included in the software registry (registry entry 19869 dated 11/13/2023)

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