Tarantool for retailers and e-commerce

Tarantool for retail
and e‑commerce

The speed of reaction to customer inquiries affects the company's revenue, how many customers will buy the product, and how many will be satisfied with the service. Real-time marketing can ensure instant response. This means that the customer can receive a customized offer depending on how often they make purchases, what products they buy, and on their location. If responsiveness, revenue growth, and customer loyalty are important to you, Tarantool is the solution.

Tarantool for retail

To meet the challenges of the new times, retail needs to change

Customers expect a certain level of service from modern retail, which calls for a new level of quality of IT services. If the company's architecture is not prepared for increased workloads, the business may lose customer loyalty.

Use Tarantool as an intermediate layer to reduce the load on key systems, speed up operations, and collect all customer data to forward to analytics systems.

Manage loyalty programs
in-store and online

Offer customers personalized bonuses in real-time


Build a complex system of interaction with customers by any channel and keep information about the settings in one place

Gather information about remaining product stock

Provide express delivery services with the most recent data on the availability of items

Compile an accurate overall client profile

Collect data on customers and their orders from different systems to get a more complete picture of the customer

Apply personal bonuses at checkout and online

Nearly instant access to the most up-to-date summary information about the client provides a number of advantages.

  • You can use real-time decision-making tools (RTDM) to make personalized offers at the time of purchase
  • Access to information about customer preferences allows you to narrow down product offerings to those of most interest to them
  • You can collect data for analytics and for generating offers from different channels: your website, mobile app, or self-service checkouts
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Manage the delivery of notifications from all sources

A single Tarantool-based settings repository allows you to manage all notifications from one system, with messages sent in near real-time. Manage customer loyalty and send customized offers to the channel of the user's choice.

Tarantool handles a load of ~20 million clients, ~500 notifications per second on average, ~2000 notifications per second at peak.

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Gather information about remaining product stocks in warehouses and stores

Cooperation with express delivery services has become a new challenge for businesses. To use this distribution channel, retail chains need to form rules for determining the minimum serving of a product and then put together a structured catalog with products and prices.

And after that, transmit the information to delivery services in a real-time mode. Tarantool can be built into an existing system as an intermediate layer and used as an in-memory data mart that sends store's data on demand.

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Compile an accurate unified client profile

With Tarantool, you can combine customer data from separate information systems into a single profile.

This “golden record” will be a single source of truth with complete customer information, without any duplicated data. Not only can you use this information for internal purposes, but also to present it to the customer in a mobile or web application with minimal delays.

It provides you with the following opportunities:

  • single sign-on for all products in your ecosystem;
  • information about all customer activities gathered in one place for decision-making, marketing activities, and analytics;
  • a unified user experience over multiple channels.
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Why implement a Tarantool-based solution

  • Processing speed of up to 1 million queries per second

  • 99.999% reliability

  • Data integrity due to synchronous replication and transaction logs

  • Successful experience of creating solutions for data-intensive projects in major companies and organizations

  • Sharing our unique expertise in building data-intensive processing solutions

Choose Tarantool Enterprise Edition

  • Extended audit log for information security experts
  • IProto protocol encryption for corporate security compliance
  • In-memory data compression for reducing operational costs
Choose Tarantool Enterprise Edition

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