Real-time marketing

Real-time marketing with Tarantool

The level of customer satisfaction, percentage of buying customers, and company revenue depend on how fast client requests are processed. marketing allows reacting to requests instantly. This means that customers can get personalized offers based on how often they make purchases, what they buy, or where they are located. If you care about request reaction speed, revenue growth, and customer loyalty, Tarantool is the solution for you.


Apply customer data at the moment of purchase

To understand what your customers want, make the most use of customer data. In this way, you can increase service quality in real time. This is what real-time marketing is all about. If you must instantly find individualized offers for various customers, and your customer information is stored in different places, Tarantool is a good fit for you.

It acts as data storage and allows applying business logic in RAM, which results in high reaction speed. marketing, you can grow your business income and increase customer loyalty.

Integrate data based on customer experience

Generate offers in real time

Create personalized offers

Use modern technology to personalize offers

Fulfill business objectives

  • Build customer loyalty towards the brand and improve financial metrics
  • Track the full customer journey and generate marketing activities in real time
  • Increase average order value by creating individual offers that target the customers' current needs

Solve technical challenges

  • Assemble a data mart or a unified customer profile from pieces of information stored in different locations
  • Handle high loads and get the opportunity to scale up without hassle
  • Modernize a slow system to launch something new quickly and easily

Real-time marketing in retail

marketing solutions. One of these solutions was designed for a top 5 retailer in Russia. The system handles a workload of more than 2,000 operations per second. The data marts created by the Tarantool team display all the information about customer profiles and actions.

Now a customer can scan their loyalty card at the checkout to get a discount that corresponds to their consumer experience. In half a second, the system makes a request to the data mart, calculates the discount, and serves a personalized offer based on customer experience.

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Why Tarantool is great for real-time marketing

for high performance

Up to 1 million RPS, milliseconds to process an event

automation tool

Closing the gap between an idea and its implementation

to scale

Flexible horizontal scaling

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