Tarantool - Enterprise


Tarantool is not just the product that we create. Barebone technology without practical application will only get you so far. We offer a comprehensive suite of digital services. The result — turnkey solutions based on our data platform.

Our team implements your transformation strategy using our software and delivers a full-stack solutions. We can bring your IT vision to life and scale in into a data platform of connected systems.

Step 1: The Challenge

You know where you want to be, but how do you get there? Our expert presales team rises to the challenge and shapes the requirements and overall architecture. We can create a proof of concept and launch a pilot to ground the project in reality.

Step 2: The Plan

It takes a lot to ship a solution. Our project management office draws the detailed statement of work — timelines, level of effort calculation, risk management, contingency planning. We tailor the project plan to meet your business and operational needs.

Step 3: The Missing Pieces

Access to expert developers is a larger constraint than access to capital. Our solutions department leverages vast expertise from dozens of successful projects across industries. Agile or waterfall, our premises or yours — we get it done.

Step 4: The Happily Ever After

Support and operations by NoSQL experts with years of experience in digital services. Distinct ability to solve the most complex issues. We deploy, run, and manage our software at your premises.

Step 0: The Start

Contact us to set up a consulting session.