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Intro background
Intro background

Tarantool Enterprise Edition

Companies need to receive IT solutions on time and within the budget. Under such conditions, there is no space for experimenting with product development. It is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to hire a team, to analyze business processes, and to test-drive problem-solving regulations. Tarantool Enterprise Edition from Group is ideal for such cases.

Tarantool Enterprise Edition modules accelerate solution development

Features that accelerate solution development

Distributed cache

Distributed cache includes connectors to external databases—MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle—and provides replication tools for arranging Change Data Capture.

Features that accelerate solution development

Event flow processing

Event flow processing provides connectors to the event queues of Kafka, MQTT, and Oracle. These connectors help integrate Tarantool into the event streams from various sources and create new ones.

Features that accelerate solution development

API for integration

API helps integrate a Tarantool-based solution into the existing IT infrastructure and work on the microservices layer.

Modules of Tarantool Enterprise feature distributed cache, event flow processing, and integration API. They take care of integrating a solution with the IT infrastructure and help minimize the cost of creating a ready-to-operate business solution. Customers’ developers only need to specify the data model and the corresponding business logic.

Modules of Tarantool Enterprise complement the Tarantool core that includes open-source technologies from Group: in-memory database, application server, hybrid data schema, and cluster management tools.


Solutions to implement with Tarantool Enterprise Edition


Data Mart: collecting data on a business object from different sources

A data mart is a convenient solution for integration. Tarantool collects data from different sources, processes the data, and transforms it into a new or an aggregated representation. Inside Tarantool, the data is processed by the Lua application server. As the output, the information is represented in a way required for each customer application.

Components used: Distributed cache API

MDM: integrating master data into distributed storage

Master Data Management keeps a master copy, or so called «golden record», about each customer. MDM is the main data storage used as a reference by other systems. Therefore, it is essential to keep the data clean, actual and secure. This is what Tarantool does. Connectors and replicators collect miscellaneous customer data from external systems. The application server cleans it and eliminates duplicates. ACID transactions and secure storage ensure that your data is not lost.

Components used: Distributed cache API

Client 360: merging customer data with a change stream

Such systems update a profile in real-time mode. Using connectors, Tarantool Enterprise Edition collects customer data from various external systems including real-time event streams of Kafka, MQTT, or IBM MQ. The application server is responsible for integrating the data, and flexible data schema allows you to create a unified customer view while the API opens access to it for customer applications.

Components used: Distributed cache Event handling API

Tools for deployment, management, and testing


  • GUI helps you manage a cluster application: cluster topology, data operations, development, and data schema updates.
  • Metrics are exported in formats of popular monitoring solutions, like Graphite and Prometheus, so any monitoring system can be integrated into your solution.
  • With OpenTracing and Zipkin support, you can collect any data characteristics for request performance profiling.


  • A Kubernetes operator and an Ansible role help you automate and simplify system deployment processes. Such DevOps approach is a must-have for large clusters.
  • With Configuration-as-a-Code, business solutions can operate in an enterprise environment. Tarantool provides you with role-based policy tools for accessing data and a security event audit log.


  • LDAP/Active Directory authentication support, role-based access model, and security event audit log ensure secure operations inside the company’s environment.
  • Consultations with our experts help in developing additional features for your project of any complexity.

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