Tarantool for telecom

Tarantool for telecom

Nowadays, billing systems have to consider multiple quotas, parameters, and extensions in real time. Tarantool takes some of this load via a layer of microservices. As a result, your system will be able to scale quickly, saving money on servers and shortening time-to-market.

Legacy billing systems have a negative impact on the development of a business

  • Complicated

    When you need maximum throughput for numerous simple requests

  • Obsolete

    Not suitable for modern scenarios of processing a large number of requests in real time

  • Increased costs

    They work on expensive servers and use them inefficiently, extend the development cycle and time-to-market

With Tarantool you will get rid of these technological limitations

  • Real-time processing

    Tarantool can handle up to hundreds of thousands of requests per second. It can be used in real time to calculate quotas, rates, and packages.

  • Fault tolerance

    With Tarantool, you don't have to worry about reliability of data storage. The platform supports ACID transactions, persistence, synchronous replication, transaction logging, and much more.

  • Scalability

    Thanks to sharding, Tarantool perfectly handles the inevitable growth of data volume following the rapid development of business and the connection of new services.

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Tarantool-based solutions

Customer profile

Large telecom operators perform billions of transactions every day: payments, charges, calls, and other events. To conduct transactions in real time, you need quick access to customer cards, storing personal accounts, contracts, information on connected additional services, and other data.

Products and services

Customers can see a list of all connected services in their personal account and mobile application. It is also used to calculate and display individual offers in online marketing.

Data marts for real-time marketing

You can build analytical data marts based on billing data: offers, profiles, communications, responses, and campaigns. This will allow generating real-time marketing offers.

You can connect Tarantool without any changes in the existing architecture

The platform can be built into your existing architecture as an intermediate layer of microservices. This way, you can quickly and safely make changes that will give you a competitive advantage.

Your billing system won't have to be rebuilt, but it will be faster and more efficient.

Tarantool is used in microservices and in BSS core.

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Why implement a Tarantool-based solution

  • Processing speed of up to 1 million queries per second

  • 99.999% reliability

  • Data integrity due to synchronous replication and transaction logs

  • Successful experience of creating solutions for data-intensive projects in major companies and organizations

  • Sharing our unique expertise in building data-intensive processing solutions

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