Installing Tarantool on macOS

Install on macOS

We support the following versions of macOS: 11, 12.

Install Tarantool via Homebrew.
Click to copy brew install tarantool

Bleeding edge
Apple M1 beta
Apple M1 beta

Experimental support for Apple M1 Macs, which allows you to process data and run Lua applications via Tarantool with the native performance of Apple’s ARM platform.

Click to copy brew install tarantool --HEAD
If you want to install a specific version of Tarantool, run the following command in advance:
Click to copy brew edit tarantool
On the line starting with "head", indicate the tag of the version you need. For example, to install Tarantool 2.8.2, specify:
Click to copy head "", tag: "2.8.2"

Tarantool Enterprise

Support SLA, audit log, encryption support, integration with Oracle, Kafka and any ODBC storages.

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What's next?

Start Tarantool

Start and configure Tarantool, create the first space, write and read the first data


Install a connector for your programming language

Connect a Tarantool connector to a project in your programming language and manage your data from code


Install additional modules to extend Tarantool functionality

Connect a ready-made queue implementation in Tarantool, metrics, a module for background deletion of unnecessary records, and many other useful extensions


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