Submodule box.info
Submodule box.info

Submodule box.info

Submodule box.info

The box.info submodule provides access to information about server instance variables.

  • server.lsn Log Sequence Number for the latest entry in the WAL.
  • server.ro True if the instance is in «read_only» mode (same as read_only in box.cfg).
  • server.uuid The unique identifier of this instance, as stored in the database. This value is also in the box.space._cluster system space.
  • server.id The number of this instance within a replica set.
  • version Tarantool version. This value is also shown by tarantool –version.
  • status Usually this is „running“, but it can be „loading“, „orphan“, or „hot_standby“.
  • vclock Same as replication.vclock.
  • pid Process ID. This value is also shown by the tarantool module. This value is also shown by the Linux «ps -A» command.
  • cluster.uuid UUID of the cluster. Every replica in a replica set will have the same cluster.uuid value. This value is also in the box.space._schema system space.
  • replication.lag Number of seconds that the replica is behind the master.
  • replication.status Usually this is „follow“, but it can be „off“, „stopped“, „connecting“, „auth“, or „disconnected“.
  • replication.idle Number of seconds that the instance has been idle.
  • replication.vclock See the discussion of «vector clock» in the Internals section.
  • replication.uuid The unique identifier of a master to which this instance is connected.
  • replication.uptime Number of seconds since the instance started. This value can also be retrieved with tarantool.uptime().

The replication fields are blank unless the instance is a replica. The replication fields are in an array if the instance is a replica for more than one master.


Since box.info contents are dynamic, it’s not possible to iterate over keys with the Lua pairs() function. For this purpose, box.info() builds and returns a Lua table with all keys and values provided in the submodule.

Return:keys and values in the submodule.


tarantool> box.info()
- server:
    lsn: 0
    ro: false
    uuid: 25684d65-636e-44cd-ab5d-4bb38d9b4411
    id: 1
  version: 1.6.9-28-g75ec202
  status: running
  vclock: {}
  pid: 8228
    uuid: e17aac30-e85a-40be-ad4a-9bf4c1f9ed43
    signature: 0
  replication: {}
  uptime: 15
tarantool> box.info.pid
- 12932
tarantool> box.info.status
- running
tarantool> box.info.uptime
- 1065
tarantool> box.info.version
- 1.6.9-28-g75ec202