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Functions for transaction management

Functions for transaction management

For general information and examples, see section Transaction control.

Observe the following rules when working with transactions:

Rule #1

The requests in a transaction must be sent to a server as a single block. It is not enough to enclose them between begin and commit or rollback. To ensure they are sent as a single block: put them in a function, or put them all on one line, or use a delimiter so that multi-line requests are handled together.

Rule #2

All database operations in a transaction should use the same storage engine. As of Tarantool 1.6.9 February 2017 this does not matter because the only engine is memtx. However, in future there will be more storage engines.


Begin the transaction. Disable implicit yields until the transaction ends. Signal that writes to the write-ahead log will be deferred until the transaction ends. In effect the fiber which executes box.begin() is starting an «active multi-request transaction», blocking all other fibers.


End the transaction, and make all its data-change operations permanent.


End the transaction, but cancel all its data-change operations. An explicit call to functions outside that always yield, such as fiber.sleep() or fiber.yield(), will have the same effect.

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