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Utility tarantoolctl

Utility tarantoolctl

tarantoolctl is a utility for administering Tarantool instances. It is shipped and installed as part of Tarantool distribution.

The command format is:

tarantoolctl COMMAND NAME [URI] [FILE] [OPTIONS..]


  • COMMAND is one of the following: start, stop, logrotate, status, enter, restart, eval, check, connect, cat, play.
  • NAME is the name of an instance file.
  • FILE is the path to some file (.lua, .xlog or .snap).
  • URI is the URI of some Tarantool instance.
  • OPTIONS are options taken by some tarantoolctl commands.

See also:

  • Detailed reference upon man tarantoolctl or tarantoolctl --help.
  • Usage examples in Server administration section.
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