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Module log

Module log

The Tarantool server puts all diagnostic messages in a log file specified by the log configuration parameter. Diagnostic messages may be either system-generated by the server’s internal code, or user-generated with the log.log_level function.


Output a user-generated message to the log file, given log_level_function_name = error or warn or info or debug.

  • message (string) – The actual output will be a line containing the current timestamp, a module name, „E“ or „W“ or „I“ or „D“ or „R“ depending on log_level_function_name, and message. Output will not occur if log_level_function_name is for a type greater than log_level. Messages may contain C-style format specifiers %d or %s, so log.error('...%d...%s', x, y) will work if x is a number and y is a string.




$ tarantool
tarantool> box.cfg{log_level=3, logger='tarantool.txt'}
tarantool> log = require('log')
tarantool> log.error('Error')
tarantool>'Info %s',
tarantool> os.exit()
$ less tarantool.txt
2...0 [5257] main/101/interactive C> version 1.6.9-1-g3a3f705
2...1 [5257] main/101/interactive C> log level 3
2...0 [5257] main/101/interactive [C]:-1 E> Error

The „Error“ line is visible in tarantool.txt preceded by the letter E.

The „Info“ line is not present because the log_level is 3.

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