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Tarantool Cartridge Tarantool Cartridge

A framework for distributed applications development.

Tarantool Cartridge allows you to easily develop Tarantool-based applications and run them on one or more Tarantool instances organized into a cluster.

This is the recommended alternative to the old-school practices of application development for Tarantool.

As a software development kit (SDK), Tarantool Cartridge provides you with utilities and an application template to help:

  • easily set up a development environment for your applications;
  • plug the necessary Lua modules.

The resulting package can be installed and started on one or multiple servers as one or multiple instantiated services – independent or organized into a cluster.

A Tarantool cluster is a collection of Tarantool instances acting in concert. While a single Tarantool instance can leverage the performance of a single server and is vulnerable to failure, the cluster spans multiple servers, utilizes their cumulative CPU power, and is fault-tolerant.

To fully utilize the capabilities of a Tarantool cluster, you need to develop applications keeping in mind they are to run in a cluster environment.

As a cluster management tool, Tarantool Cartridge provides your cluster-aware applications with the following key benefits:

  • horizontal scalability and load balancing via built-in automatic sharding;
  • asynchronous replication;
  • automatic failover;
  • centralized cluster control via GUI or API;
  • automatic configuration synchronization;
  • instance functionality segregation.

A Tarantool Cartridge cluster can segregate functionality between instances via built-in and custom (user-defined) cluster roles. You can toggle instances on and off on the fly during cluster operation. This allows you to put different types of workloads (e.g., compute- and transaction-intensive ones) on different physical servers with dedicated hardware.

Tarantool Cartridge has an external utility called cartridge-cli which provides you with utilities and an application template to help:

  • easily set up a development environment for your applications;
  • plug the necessary Lua modules;
  • pack the applications in an environment-independent way: together with module binaries and Tarantool executables.

To get a template application that uses Tarantool Cartridge and run it, you need to install several packages:

  • tarantool and tarantool-dev (see these instructions);
  • cartridge-cli (see these instructions)
  • git, gcc, cmake and make.

Long story short, enter these commands into the console one-by-one:

cartridge create --name myapp
cd myapp
cartridge build
cartridge start -d
cartridge replicasets setup --bootstrap-vshard
cartridge failover set stateful --state-provider stateboard --provider-params '{"uri": "localhost:4401", "password": "passwd"}'

That’s all! Now you can visit http://localhost:8081 and see your application’s Admin Web UI:

The most essential contribution is your feedback, don’t hesitate to open an issue. If you’d like to propose some changes in code, see the contribution guide.

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