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Return an array of all active database read views. This array might include the following read view types:

  • read views created by application code (Enterprise Edition only)
  • system read views (used, for example, to make a checkpoint or join a new replica)

Read views created by application code also have the space field. The field lists all spaces available in a read view, and may be used like a read view object returned by


read_view.list() also contains read views created using the C API (box_raw_read_view_new()). Note that you cannot access database spaces included in such views from Lua.


tarantool> box.read_view.list()
- - timestamp: 1138.98706933
    signature: 47
    is_system: false
    status: open
    vclock: &0 {1: 47}
    name: read_view1
    id: 1
  - timestamp: 1172.202995842
    signature: 49
    is_system: false
    status: open
    vclock: &1 {1: 49}
    name: read_view2
    id: 2
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