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Tarantool Cartridge Table of contents Module cartridge.lua-api.edit-topology

Module cartridge.lua-api.edit-topology

Administration functions ( edit-topology implementation).

Edit cluster topology. This function can be used for:

  • bootstrapping cluster from scratch
  • joining a server to an existing replicaset
  • creating new replicaset with one or more servers
  • editing uri/labels of servers
  • disabling and expelling servers

(Added in v1.0.0-17)


Replicatets modifications.


  • uuid: (optional string)
  • alias: (optional string)
  • roles: (optional {string,…})
  • all_rw: (optional boolean)
  • weight: (optional number)
  • rebalancer: (optional boolean)
  • failover_priority: (optional {string,…}) array of uuids specifying servers failover priority
  • vshard_group: (optional string)
  • join_servers: (optional {JoinServerParams,…})

Parameters required for joining a new server.


Servers modifications.


  • uri: (optional string)
  • uuid: (string)
  • zone: (optional string)
  • labels: (optional table)
  • disabled: (optional boolean)
  • electable: (optional boolean)
  • rebalancer: (optional boolean)
  • expelled: (optional boolean) Expelling an instance is permanent and can’t be undone.It’s suitable for situations when the hardware is destroyed,snapshots are lost and there is no hope to bring it back to life.
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