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Since version 2.6.1. Show the current state of a replica set node in regards to leader election.

The following information is provided:

  • state – election state (mode) of the node. Possible values are leader, follower, or candidate. For more details, refer to description of the leader election process. When election is enabled, the node is writable only in the leader state.
  • term – current election term.
  • vote – ID of a node the current node votes for. If the value is 0, it means the node hasn’t voted in the current term yet.
  • leader – leader node ID in the current term. If the value is 0, it means the node doesn’t know which node is the leader in the current term.
  • leader_idle – time in seconds since the last interaction with the known leader. Since version 2.10.0.


IDs in the output are the replica IDs visible in the output on each node and in the _cluster space.


- state: follower
  term: 2
  vote: 0
  leader: 0
  leader_idle: 0.45112800000061
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