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Downloading logs from s3

Downloading logs from s3

We backup all logs collected with since June, 2021 to s3 bucket s3://multivac/tarantool/tarantool. There are more than 100Gb data, so be careful with downloading this data.

  1. Install aws according to official instruction.

  2. Set up aws

    $ aws configure --profile your_profile_name
    AWS Access Key ID: ask teamX
    AWS Secret Access Key: ask teamX
    Default region name: ru-msk
    Default output format: json
  3. Check the bucket content

    $  aws s3 --endpoint-url \
        --profile your_profile_name \
        ls s3://multivac/tarantool/tarantool
  4. Download logs from s3

    $ aws s3 --endpoint-url \
        --profile your_profile_name \
        sync s3://multivac/tarantool/tarantool/workflow_run_jobs/ your_path
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