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Welcome to Tarantool! This is the User’s Guide. We recommend reading it first, and consulting Reference materials for more detail afterwards, if needed.

How to read the documentation

To get started, you can install and launch Tarantool using a Docker container, a binary package, or the online Tarantool server at Either way, as the first tryout, you can follow the introductory exercises from Chapter 2 “Getting started”. If you want more hands-on experience, proceed to Tutorials after you are through with Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 “Database” is about using Tarantool as a NoSQL DBMS, whereas Chapter 4 “Application server” is about using Tarantool as an application server.

Chapter 5 “Server administration” and Chapter 6 “Replication” are primarily for administrators.

Chapter 7 “Connectors” is strictly for users who are connecting from a different language such as C or Perl or Python — other users will find no immediate need for this chapter.

Chapter 8 “FAQ” gives answers to some frequently asked questions about Tarantool.

For experienced users, there are also Reference materials, a Contributor’s Guide and an extensive set of comments in the source code.

Getting in touch with the Tarantool community

Please report bugs or make feature requests at

You can contact developers directly in telegram or in a Tarantool discussion group (English or Russian).

Conventions used in this manual

Square brackets [ and ] enclose optional syntax.

Two dots in a row .. mean the preceding tokens may be repeated.

A vertical bar | means the preceding and following tokens are mutually exclusive alternatives.

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