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Module coio

Module coio

enumerator COIO_READ

READ event

enumerator COIO_WRITE

WRITE event

int coio_wait(int fd, int event, double timeout)

Wait until READ or WRITE event on socket (fd). Yields.

  • fd (int) – non-blocking socket file description
  • event (int) – requested events to wait. Combination of COIO_READ | COIO_WRITE bit flags.
  • timeout (double) – timeout in seconds.

0 - timeout


>0 - returned events. Combination of TNT_IO_READ | TNT_IO_WRITE bit flags.

ssize_t coio_call(ssize_t (*func)(va_list), ...)

Create new eio task with specified function and arguments. Yield and wait until the task is complete or a timeout occurs.

This function doesn’t throw exceptions to avoid double error checking: in most cases it’s also necessary to check the return value of the called function and perform necessary actions. If func sets errno, the errno is preserved across the call.

Returns:-1 and errno = ENOMEM if failed to create a task
Returns:the function return (errno is preserved).


static ssize_t openfile_cb(va_list ap)
        const char* filename = va_arg(ap);
        int flags = va_arg(ap);
        return open(filename, flags);

if (coio_call(openfile_cb, 0.10, "/tmp/file", 0) == -1)
    // handle errors.
int coio_getaddrinfo(const char *host, const char *port, const struct addrinfo *hints, struct addrinfo **res, double timeout)

Fiber-friendly version of getaddrinfo(3).

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